New Digi-Key!

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OMG this is the best thing ever. Digi-Key has upgraded their site and fixed every annoying thing

  • you can now search both through catalog sections and attributes at the same time
  • the stupid “in stock” button is now an attribute so you dont have to start all over if you want to check both in and out of stock parts
  • got rid of the ‘catalog info’ page: all on one screen
  • images (sometimes) of the parts – sweet!
  • still nice and clean

They still haven’t fixed

  • Search/order by price. So I have to do it by hand, which sucks.
  • McMaster-Carry style – flip between catagory searches (for specific parts searches) and catalogpage (to get a sense of whats available) views. So I will have to keep my paper catalog on hand.

Now that Mouser has just caught up with Old Digi-Key, what will they do next? And will Jameco ever not suck?

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  1. What’s wrong with Jameco?

  2. Jameco itself is awesome
    but the search mechanism and online catalog is severely broken

  3. Cool. And thanks for reminding me that I’d been meaning to place an order.

  4. Too bad that it kept crashing, to the point they have gone back to their “Classic” interface.

    Hope they get the new one back up soon.

  5. I had to *make an account* just to log in and say: Jameco sucks! I have a “Jameco pile of shame” that I refer to whenever I’m tempted to use them again. I’ve got at least two 1/16th inch soldering tips that should be 1/64th. Plus my favorite, a tube of 74HC174 that I got because (as I later figured out) a search for 74HC164 turned up 4 options, the cheapest of which was not, in fact, a ‘164 at all.

    I wish for 3 things on Digikey’s site:

    1) Sort by price.

    2) A global setting to say “I will never by more than X of anything”, to filter out the 3000-unit reels. You can sort of emulate this by selecting every packaging format besides “tape and reel”.

    3) A way to register your preference for common attributes like package. If you shop for voltage regulators, for example, the option box for package has 100 items. I’d just like to say somewhere up front, “I’m okay with DPak, but I don’t like BGA, CSP, 0201, etc.”

  6. I returned to this page looking for a greasemonkey script (or bookmarklet) to add price sorting to DigiKey. Turned up my own ‘wishlist’ post above from 2 years ago.

    But this is mainly to say that I broke down and used Jameco again after avoiding them for years. They were the only one who had an unusual part (a mechanical accessory to a keyswitch). They screwed up my order. At least this time they claim to be doing something about it!

  7. I found a greasemonkey script that, among other things, adds price sorting to DigiKey. Its original website is down, so I hosted it on a Google Pages site. (The original author released it under a Creative Commons license that allows this.)

  8. Morgan LaMoore

    The link doesn’t work with a trailing ‘/’. Here’s the site:


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