May 3, 2009 AT 11:41 pm

VGA out on a Ybox2 and Turbulence!

In this video (m4v) we show how we added a VGA on a Ybox 2 kit & then run the amazing Turbulence demo!

To mod your YBox2 for VGA and stereo audio support, see this page. To program in the Turbulence demo, you’ll need a Propeller progammer (I just use a FTDI cable but a propplug or DIY version will do!). Unfortunately due to quirks in the demo, it must be programmed into the EEPROM and cant use the built in bootloader that comes with the YBox2 🙁

Edit: the fellow is Swedish, not Dutch. I should have looked it up first!

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  1. That’s pretty spiff.

    I’ve got an early ybox2. I don’t recall if it’s got the breakout header holes in it. I kow it doesn’t have the female headers.

    I’m interested to see what ybox2 widgets will result from this.
    The low rez composite video leaves a lot to be desired. Is there enough room on the propeller to get any VGA ybox2 widgets?

  2. all ybox2 kits have breakouts. you can solder female headers to them

  3. w00t, that’s awesome.

    thanks for posting a link to the video file. makes life simpler for those of us that run archs unsupported by flash.

  4. Robert Boerner

    Excellent demo. Thanks for taking the time to mic up 🙂

    Now you can start Adafruit University!

    Loaded question, any chance of a shield kit for us ybox2 owners?

    Mosfet needs to be in the videos more.

  5. MOSFET does seem to show up all the time. Thats mostly because he wants attention and its pretty much a guaranteed to make us poke at him (cause we’re trying to shoo him away)

    I’m actually considering a little breakout for the ybox that has VGA, ps/2 and headphone. but then, the tin wont close 🙁

  6. Robert Boerner

    That’s okay, I hate the tins anyway. How about offering a small enclosure like you have for the Fuzebox? Nothing your laser cutter couldn’t handle I bet.

  7. sounds like a great project for you to take on!

  8. Robert Boerner

    after I recover from the beating the wife will give me if I buy a laser cutter 🙂

    I am seriously considering a Cupcake CNC from Makerbot though. Much more affordable. All the designs on thingverse are really tempting me…

  9. How do you attach this to a low power pirate TV transmitter? The problem is, the switch to this new Digital TV. I’d like a webpage, that people on the internet can go to, and punch in a rood random message, that gets broadcast to some channel across my neighborhood. crap. Or maybe a periodically changing linux fortune message. Or weather radar.

    Also, you need to make the VGA kit available, because this thing doesn’t become interesting until you can attach it to a scrap old lowpower LAPTOP screen and mount it on your wall like a picture frame, or on your fridge, or near your computer, to be left on all the time. A TV or CRT monitor sucks too much juice and creates too much heat and is a fire hazard (if old).

  10. @choppergirl its tough to connect to a laptop screen, they’re often NOT vga. however, 5″ LCD TVs are pretty common. I find them at surplus tronix shops for $40 here and there

  11. >> I’m actually considering a little breakout for the
    >> ybox that has VGA, ps/2 and headphone.

    Yes, please!

    >> but then, the tin wont close 🙁

    Don’t care! 🙂

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