Feel the soft handle

Ok… via Jay.

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  1. Why should -she- get all the neat stuff? I want a soft handle too!

    Probably the funniest “designed for her” product I’ve seen is the pink Remington shotgun. As far as I know the trigger’s not soft, though.

  2. why couldn’t it be for HIM too ! (for soldering I mean)

  3. Obviously women put a high premium on softness. I’m not sure how this plays out in the go-go world of soldering irons… probably in a vaguely sexist way. I suppose it could have been worse, featuring hello kitty, rainbows, ponies, sparkles, and real hair you can brush.

  4. The solder itself is “strong enough for a man, but Sn balanced for a woman”

  5. Does the solder come with a Powder Fresh Scent?

  6. My Weller has a partial soft handle. That’s good enough for me.

  7. My soldering iron has pieces of sharp glass and rusty nails poking out of it… y’know, for comfort.

  8. Is it possible that this is (intended) for stained glass work? I remember searching ebay one time for something to do with soldering and all I could find was stained glass equipment.

  9. I would be all over a Hello Kitty soldering iron. 😀

  10. This is definitely intended for stained-glass work. The big ring behind the soldering iron is a small roll of copper foil tape used for stained glass. This also looks like a cheap, crappy iron for someone just getting started. Anyone who takes stained glass seriously uses temperature-controlled irons, often made by Weller.

  11. yep. stained glass-aimed soldering iron. who largely does stained glass work? the same demographic that largely does knitting, sewing, and basket-weaving. older women.

  12. If this iron is intended for stained glass, someone is very confused. That tiny tip isn’t appropriate for melting the larger volume of solder required! Most serious stained glass artist use an 80 or 100W iron with temperature control or a separate rheostat. I have several Weller irons – this thing is a toy…

    If you really want a soft handle, wrap your Weller with that spongy athletic tape…

    It looks more like this is someone’s attempt to appeal to women who don’t have a clue what they’re doing. It probably costs a fortune, too. SAD!

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