January 21, 2010 AT 9:49 am

MintyBoost works with Barnes and Noble Nook eReader

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icebike from the Adafruit forums writes –

Just a note to say the MintyBoost charges my B&N nook eReader. Given the runtime claims from B&N are *cough* optimistic, the minty should come in handy when camping.

On a related note, how many electronics hobbyists who read our blog have a Kindle, nook, Sony reader, or any e-ink reader?

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  1. It’s Noble. šŸ™‚

    Very cool!

  2. I’d buy one if it worked for sure on the iPhone 3GS. All those rechargeable battery packs are priced through the roof!

  3. Kindle here, and probably getting a large-format WiFi one for work, depending on upcoming tablet developments from Apple and OLED screens.

  4. I’ve got a kindle. It’s my favored way to read text-heavy books. It’s not useful for things with lots of diagrams or formatted text (e.g. programming books or something like Making Things Talk).

    When new novels come out I’ll buy a hard cover to collect and then the kindle version to actually read because it’s actually a better experience on the kindle.

  5. I’m waiting for the Apple tablet. Seems Amazon is scared to death of it. Amazon not only pre-announced an SDK for apps but changed their fees for e-book publishers the week before the expected apple tablet announcement.

  6. I’ve got a nook.

  7. I have a kindle.

    Is it that the mintyboost doesn’t work with the 3GS or that using it with the 3GS has the same requirements as the 3G – the more expensive lithium AAs? I can’t charge my 3G with regular batteries in the minty but it works fine with the lithiums.

    It’s pricey but the minty is an emergency measure for me, not a regular thing.

  8. I’ve got a nook as well (and absolutely love it). Glad to hear my MintyBoost will power my nook!

  9. Astak EZReader Pocket Pro here.

  10. I’ve got a Kindle 2. I agree with Eric at #4. For text heavy books, fiction, most non-fiction, it actually beats paper. As much as I love books, I miss my Kindle when reading a physical book. I’m probably done buying physical fiction books.

    But it stinks for anything with visuals. How-To books, PDF’s and reference books are miserable on it. The screen is too small for a good illustration (letter-sized PDF’s are unreadably small), photos are gray smudges, and paging is slow on e-paper so it’s hard to flip through it.

  11. Mightysinetheta

    I have the standard format Kindle 2. I love it, but agree that it isn’t terrific for books with illustrations.

  12. I have a Kindle 2 and use the Mintyboost with it every now and then (though the Kindle holds a charge for quite a long time). I also have a iPhone 3G, and the Mintyboost works just fine charging it with Sanyo Eneloop rechargeables.

  13. Cool. Now if only the nook allowed users to go to a particular page in a book, we’d be alright…

  14. I have a Kindle 2. Have been thinking of getting a MintyBoost as a backup charger for my G1, but still haven’t gotten around to it!

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