80 port USB charger board

Do you need to charge 80 devices over USB? Of course you do… We suppose you could make a massive MintBoost with this.

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  1. I suppose you’d have to use a popcorn tin in place of the altoids tin, though.

  2. john, i heard you’re working on an 80 port arduino-based iphone charger. IS THIS TRUE?

  3. Is it me or does this device seem to take 3 MOLEX power supply plugs…and unless they are on the otherside of the board are each ports power regulated? back in the days usb used to be max 500ma but now with usb 3.0 they are 1800ma

    Still I wonder if there is something to prevent devices that are shorting from drawing more current then they should

  4. It’s true, m’lady. It’s part of my Arduino-based aircraft carrier project.

  5. Looks like something Xzibit would be putting in a computer nerd’s car.

  6. There is a website where a couple of Japanese guys chained together lots of 7 port USB hubs to create one massive 37 port monster. I only wish I still had the link because I can’t find it now.

    Surprisingly Windows managed to cope okay with it, even when 20+ mice were connected and all operating at the same time.

  7. Looks like a designer with way too much time and lots of usb connectors on his hands. But damn the power draw must be pheonimal. I’d assume 27 ports give or take per molex. At a minimum 100ma to a typical 500ma per port we’re talking anywhere from 2.7 amps to 13.5 amps. Max amps on a typical 250w ATX power supply puts the 5v circuit at a max of 12 amps. Looks like the max typical will blow up a typical power supply.

    I think it’s good example that just because something can be built, doesn’t mean that it should be built.

  8. I’d feel a lot better if this had PTC fuse for each port. Or even for each 8 ports… Sigh. It’d probably double the cost.

    @DATAMAN: a random (old) 235W supply I picked up said [email protected] Your 12A number sounds unreasonably low. Newegg has a supply that says [email protected] (Just right!) for less than $15. (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817709019)

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