February 4, 2010 AT 6:56 pm

A design (Plans) for a portable RF jammer Wifi,GSM,Bt on eBay.ca (item 330400641073 end time 05-Feb-10 13:47:40 EST)

Pt 2522
“vladimir_1982” on eBay.ca is selling our open source cell phone jammer plans. It’s open source, commercial use allowed, attribution, share-alike… so it’s actually ok for him to do this, it’s just lame. So here’s a post about it, hopefully no one pays US $24.95 for a PDF of our site.

You will receive the Designs (Plans) for this RF Jammer in Electronic form. The Listing picture is for showing how the RF jammer looks like. This listing is only for the Design of the RF Jammer, it does not include the Device itself!!! You will receive RF Jammer Designs upon Payment. The Designs will be delivered to you on CD by Priority Mail.


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  1. man that sucks, is there a way to burst their bubble and post links to the free documentation

  2. “100% positive feedback” Ha! This is lameeeee…

  3. I think you’ve taken the right track, acknowledging that it’s ok, but calling him out.

    Being a bit more cynical, I might think “vladimir 1982” is providing an always-valuable lesson as well … that there can be many prices for a thing.

  4. Attribution… I don’t see an attribution on the listing.

  5. His/her 100% positive feedback is from someone else who’s already bought a set of plans.

  6. Paul, yeah…from someone in the same city 😉

  7. what is really funny is from deals extreme you can get a prebuilt one for 30 bucks, no shipping

  8. There’s almost attribution. If you blow up the picture you can see the Adafruit logo and name on the board inside the cigarette pack. Anyone with any sense would see that and google Adafruit before bidding.

  9. The funniest thing about this is that $24 is a bargain in NYC for a pack of Newports 🙂

  10. Don’t worry – it’s not like anyone would build it.

  11. According to the feedback that the seller has left for others, he sold this twice.
    (one of the buyers another person in Bulgaria??)

  12. ah heh right, bypasses the open source laws by sending over cd and claims as a cover charge.

  13. While the Adafruit Industries logo is visible, I don’t think this person made any conscious effort at attribution whatsoever. Happening to have the logo on the box in this case is just “ripping off adafruit” in my opinion, not attribution.

    As a result, I don’t think they are actually compliant with the attribution clause in the CC license.

  14. Actually, he has to send a CD because ebay won’t allow you to sell anything that is delivered electronically like software or files. (Or WoW accounts.)

  15. Yes, this is lame. Just looking at the wave bubble site, one the reources page, the link “The FCC code section 15 which covers interference” is incorrect.

  16. That reminds me of something I keep forgetting to mail Limor about. I assume she’s aware, but just in case she isn’t (and because presumably other people would be interested too) the wavebubble makes an appearance in Greg Rucka’s novel WALKING DEAD and she’s name-checked in particular.

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