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@ThomasAtUPS – For shipping geeks & biz owners – UPS has a blog and we have some suggestions

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For shipping geeks & biz owners – UPS has a blog. This is pretty exciting if you like to know what your carrier is up to, they update it pretty frequently. Their latest post is “There’s Electricity on the Road! UPS Deploys 200 Hybrid-Electric Vehicles“by Michael French…

We use UPS at Adafruit and really like the service and support, that said – if there was something better we would use that, that’s how it is – but UPS is doing a great job and the barrier is high for another company to displace UPS for us. Our customers like the service and since we’ve moved from FedEx we’ve had less lost / delayed packages. Sure, there are lost and delayed packages for all carriers but we’ve noted less for UPS. We also offer US postal services for the USA and international and we’re adding more international UPS options over time. UPS is also on Twitter.

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All that said, we’d like to see some improvements on the UPS site for businesses. The image above is the only options you have with your shipping “History” – why isn’t there a search? We just want to type in a last name and search. UPS might have special software to do this, but we just want to use the web site for something like this.

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We really like the “Your Supplies Quick List” but we want to have it send us this stuff automatically, like every 1 months, etc. Maybe we get an email and we need to “click to confirm” – something faster than going to the site each time.

Pt 2784
When you make a new shipment the UPS site should be more like Gmail, it will auto-fill out the name/address based on your previous shipments. From there you could save them to your address book if you
want, but right not there isn’t a “send to previous” – this goes back to our search suggestion…

Pt 2785
UPS has an iPhone app, good start – but we’d like it to also have a search to make it easier.

If you’re curious how we run the Adafruit shop, including our shipping, billing and cart systems you can review our presentation here and our giant article.

That’s it for now, as you can tell – we’re really happy with UPS, these are all features that would make things even better 🙂 If you use UPS, FedEx, DHL, postal – whatever, post improvements you’d like to see in the comments or just post some of the things you like about the services… apparently they are listening.

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  1. Ugh, the UPS website has been awful for years. What is there is workable, but not that useful without wasting a lot of time. What I ended up doing was setting up the quantum view xml, dumping that into a database, and then searching that myself. It still wasn’t quite as useful as what UPS could provide.

    I do like the UPS Quantum View emails that you add our addresses to when we place an order. It’s very nice to know your order has been processed and is on its way!

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