Instructables pro members get a discount on featured Adafruit kits


If you’re an Instructables pro member you can get 10% off the following kits (featured on Instructables). All you need to do is log in to Instructables and view the forum post to get the discount code. We’re trying this as an experiment, if it works out we’ll have other discounts and deals for Instructables pro members.

Data logger:

Tweet-a-watt – How to make a twittering power meter…

TV-B-Gone Kit

Proto Shield

XBee adapter


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  1. Not to complain or anything, but why is this exclusive to instructibles subscribers? Over the past year, that site has gone from almost useable to useless to anyone just trying to get only basic project information. It seem ridiculous to subscribe to the site when most of the information used to be free and community driven. Furthermore, the projects they have that I would actually be interested in are only a small handful per year, making a subscription seem excessively expensive.

    These days it seems to be mostly a profit driven subscriber-only club that does little to enhance the hardware hacking community, imho.

    I just don’t get why you’d support them … exclusively or otherwise.

  2. “Not to complain or anything, but” — you then went on to complain.

  3. @signal7 – it’s not “exclusive” we have 10% off all our each week during our show, and if you watch our site we do discounts all the time – we’re doing this as an experiment to see if pro members will use discounts for our featured kits. if you have feedback on instructables we suggest you post in the forums and participate, we’ve found them to be extremely receptive.

  4. @complainer and @adafruit: you missed my point. The point was that the discount incentive indirectly rewards people who subscribe to instructables and can be interpreted as an endorsement of the site. My question was why is adafruit endorsing/encouraging people to subscribe to instructables? I would much rather see discounts given to members of sites that are doing more to support the community, imho.

  5. @signal7 – it’s not “exclusive” we have 10% off all our each week during our show, and if you watch our site we do discounts all the time – we’re doing this as an experiment to see if pro members will use discounts for our featured kits.

  6. Don’t sell out to instructables in any sense, they already sold out to advertisers and there is already much forum feedback for them on this issue – http://www.instructables.com/community/Pro-Instructables-Accounts/ . Doing discounts through your show/blog/posted online is different from specifically endorsing another site who has a pay-for subscription and has removed previously free features as a result.

  7. @waterppk – we have a 10% discount for instructable pro members, the same thing we do every week/weekend with our chat.

    if you have issues with instructables, talk with them – we’ve only seen and heard them be completely receptive and respectful of feedback.

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