More MintyBoost 3.0 testing…

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We are wrapping up our last round of testing for the next version(s) of the MintyBoost, we’re pleased to report it works with the iPhone 4g (we waited for the release to make sure) and it also works with the iPhone 3Gs and it appears all the “i” devices. We’ve also tested on PSPs, Kindles, Androids, Nintendo DS – and today as a final test we tested at the Apple store just to make sure it worked with the Nano since we do not have one in our testing collection (it works). On our 6/26/10 “Ask an Engineer” show we demonstrated reverse engineering the way charging needs to work on the latest Apple devices.

As we get closer to the MintyBoost release date we will make announcements and also contact any resellers who have stock left of the current version.

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  1. I’m a little surprised you’re staying with a 2 battery design. While my 3G will charge with my more recent version of the mintyboost it is only effective with lithium AAs – too high a draw from the phone’s rapid-charging system. I’m sure the newer phones are just as aggressive if not more so.

    While the MintyBoost faq claims that that 4 batteries can overwhelm it, the spec sheet for the LT1302-5 says it has a top of 8v, well within the 6-6.5v you’d get from 4 standard AAs.

  2. I’m very excited for the release of the new MintyBoost. Hope it has loads of current capacity!

  3. 2xAA’s have the same capacity, you can always use C or D cells for a bigger charger.

  4. I was referring to (milli)amps of delivery capacity, not storage. Reckon the voltage boosting chip is limiting in that regard – wonder how involved it would be to make one from discrete components.

  5. the chip used is the LT1302 you can google for the datasheet for exact specs

    if you find a thru-hole boost converter that will fit into the small mintyboost space with more capability, please post it up!

  6. Can a relative date be given for the 3.0? I’m looking to make a few of these for the iphone 4 but I need it built by mid september. Any info would be greatly appreciated.


  7. @mark – sorry, we can’t give any ETAs, we’re currently waiting on parts, doing testing and many things can move. we’re working as quickly as we can and we hope to be shipping well before your deadline.

  8. That’s perfect! That gives me time to practice with the 2.0 in the mean time. Thanks!

  9. I wonder what Apple is using in their 10W iPad AC charger? Will investigate…

    Keep up the fine work!

  10. @Don,

    1. you don’t have to use only two batteries. as you saw in the faq, there are a lot of options!
    2. the new mintyboost does a better job at this – we’ll have a post (and video!) explaining the magic when the kit comes out 🙂
    3. some confuse the lt1302 with the lt1302-5. our faq contains good advice that we thought though, please consider our advice!

    if you have any more questions please post them to the forums! that’s where we can answer questions like this! thanks!

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