3D PDF of Arduino enclosure (PDF and video)

We have a PDF of the enclosure / case for Arduino, this is a special 3D PDF so you’ll need the latest Adobe reader to view it – or just watch the video above to see spinny 3D action. Cases are going fast!

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  1. Andy Davidson

    That is a mind-blowing PDF!


  2. OK, first the following comment is in no way intended to dismiss the design talent and effort put into the creation of this case. It is obviously well engineered, nicely designed, and manufactured with an eye towards inexpensive utility.

    In some ways, however, that is exactly the problem I have with it. It seems like an industrial designer’s response to the perceived “needs” of the Arduino community, and yet it ends up being the most anti-Arduino thing I can think of.

    Instead of reveling in the individuality of most Arduino projects, it wraps them in an anonymous box. Everything ends up looking the same. I am sure it is entirely practical, but is that really the point? Do we need more plastic enclosures in the world, even if they fit an Arduino so nicely?

    I don’t have any good suggestions other then to say there are an infinite number of possible cases available through creative re-use (as the minty boost proves so well).

    Can you talk about the design process that brought this into being? I would appreciate hearing your thoughts on how you see this product in the world.

  3. @josh – thanks for posting. you say:

    “It seems like an industrial designer’s response to the perceived “needs” of the Arduino community”

    since we run an electronics company and receive dozens of products requests per day we likely have a different point of view than you may. an enclosure / case for arduino is one of the most popular requests we get, almost daily.

    “anti-arduino”? that’s not a nice thing to say. arduinos are professionally made, high quality and at a great price. we would say that this case is like that as well, it’s meant to be modded, drilled, shaped, used and re-used for many projects. you can expect to see a case from the arduino team very soon too. we’re positive the arduino team is not anti-arduino.

    as far as the design process, mike makes amazing things for a living – he has the skills and tools to create these amazing cases, we worked with him to let him know what *customers* were asking for.

    one of the great things about hardware is that some people like to keep the electronics in the open, some like to put them in a variety of cases – there are options for everyone.

    we would encourage you (or anyone) to welcome new and interesting things in the world of arduino – part of the appeal of arduino is that it’s not exclusive and there are a lot of different people doing different things. this is good 🙂

  4. I’d really like to hear about, not so much how the case was designed, but the process of a small run of molded/injected plastic – and the business side of getting that done.

  5. Please, in no way do I think that YOU are anti-arduino. That would be silly, and it is not my point at all. I guess this is really a political issue, and it is the same issue I have with the upcoming case from the Arduino team (http://twitter.com/jkopel/status/18612314111).

    I think that Adafruit, and the Arduino team, are amazing. That is why I am holding you to a higher standard! You have both pushed the boundaries of what people can accomplish with DIY electronics. You have both changed the way people look at problems, and how they feel about solving them.

    This case will, no doubt, serve the needs of many of your customers flawlessly. I only ask you to consider if it is as revolutionary as the stuff people will be putting inside it.

  6. @josh – it sounds like you do not like cases, that’s cool. there’s room for everyone.

    in the past people criticized our projects and others because it was just “circuit boards and wires” and now we will see the other side of the spectrum (so far you) comparing an enclosed arduino to a beige PC.

    this to us means we have a healthy market, with unique projects, people and skills.

    welcome them in 🙂

  7. anyone else think this thing looks like Moltar?

    the only problem i have with it is that looks like it was specifically designed for the lcd and gps
    maybe have several types with no cut outs or a variety of cut outs to choose from 🙂

  8. http://i.adultswim.com/adultswim/tools/img/shows/wiki/spaceghostcoasttocoast/characters/moltar280.jpg

  9. @zool – if and when there are specific requests we’re sure there will be a variety of cases for a variety of needs and projects. we think this is a great start.

    the arduino team has one that only fits the arduino + ethernet shield (you can see a 3d image off of josh’s twitter link).

    there are lots of shields, form factors and projects – we’re looking forward to seeing what folks come up with.

  10. Is it open source?

    [By the way, any chance of updating the resistor captcha to work with touch devices?]

  11. @lhagan – that’s up to mike the designer. what specific file or files and types would you need?

    as far as the captcha goes, we haven’t heard any requests or issues for touch devices, what are you using?

  12. @adafruit: I tried it on iPad & iPhone; they don’t support the click-drag required to move the sliders.

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