BREAKING NEWS – Digi-Key now has SORT BY PRICE @digikey


We were searching for some 3.3K 1/8W resistors for our MintyBoosts and noticed something NEW! SORT BY PRICE. This is the latest gauntlet thrown in MOUSER Vs. DIGI-KEY WAR FOR DIODE DISTRIBUTION DOMINATION. This day will be forever remembered by all 8-20-2010, the day we got sort. This is massive and game changing, the biggest news in the world, ever.

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  1. keystoneclimber

    Been doing this for quite some time already using a greasemonkey script.

  2. @keystoneclimber, that’s correct we posted about that over a year ago 🙂 http://www.adafruit.com/blog/2009/05/15/digikey-price-sorting-script/ but this *actually works* and does it much better which you can easily verify by actually comparing the two – try it!

  3. I noticed that today looking for cheap 0402 resistors! … and as a nice little touch you can even enter in your quantity and sort by price for that quantity, which is great since the initial single part price’s tend to have no logical relationship to the reel prices on comparable parts (1 unit prices are apparently decided by a room full of monkeys).

    Took them long enough, but more proof competition is good .. even if I find it funny that Mouser and Digikey have identical pricing in certain parts, right down to the quantity price breaks. But at least if one doesn’t have it in stock you can find it on the other.

  4. I’ve been using the “secret” parameter and bookmarklet to get real, server-side price sorting for a long time. Noticed today that it stopped working. I guess this is why!

    Please note the sort arrows don’t appear unless you’re logged in to Digikey.

  5. the qty-sort is really smart. saves me a lot of “click-back-click-back” to get pricing

  6. Hear hear!

    I asked them for this a couple months ago. Guess I wasn’t the only one.

    As a Canadian, I never consider Mouser. Their shipping costs are too high ($20 shipping for a $3 silver mica cap, etc.).

    All hail digi-key.

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