Introducing the Adafruit Jobs boards (beta) ! Job boards for skilled professionals and hobbyists in the world of physical computing & programming

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Introducing the Adafruit Jobs boards (beta) ! Very soon we will be rolling out a new feature and section of our site we are very excited about – a jobs board for companies and people seeking skilled professionals and hobbyists in the world of physical computing & programming. It will be adafruit.com/jobs (placeholder while we finish it up!)…

Each week week we receive a lot of emails asking for consulting, programming and services in the world of electronics – we can best serve the community (and the world) by making great kits, great tutorials and being a hub for all of these things so a job board is a natural fit.

We have corporations, schools, governments, museums, small companies, inventors and more – all wanting to connect up with people in the electronic’s community who can help them with their projects. There are also a lot of makers who are seeking jobs who may want to put their skills out there. We also have a lot of customers who want someone to make a kit or series of kits for them from the Adafruit store. Traditionally some of this has happened in the forums – but a job board may be a better match.

Adafruit will provide this as a free service to all of our customers with some caveats – we cannot verify how these jobs will work out – how payment will work – so please be smart, this is to help people connect with people, use your best judgment. If you are offered a job by someone and they do not pay, please do not blame us 🙂 but – if you get your dream job, please let us know!

We will be using open source software for the job boards and we hope this, among other things, encourages the jobs to be in the open source software and open source hardware world.

How to join:
It’s free for Adafruit customers! You will need to be an Adafruit customer. Make an account on Adafruit.com

Beta launch
We’re working on getting the beta up shortly, stay tuned to the Adafruit blog and Twitter for announcements.

Feedback needed before launch!
What job boards do you use now? What do you like about them? What don’t you like about them? What do you think a job board services for the electronic’s community should have? Categories may include: 3D modeling, Art, Burning Man, Engineering, Installations, IT, Kits, Manufacturing, Production, Programming Post up in the comments!

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  1. Thank you thank you thank you!
    I hope I can find a job in the OSH community and I can’t believe that just when I started looking at the prospects online I see this waiting in my RSS aggregator.

    I can’t wait to start looking at the entries!

    Thank you!!!

  2. I’d love to see atmel programmers / consultants listed. I was looking around to find a atmel C programmer for a project using the teensy who would then "talkument" the code for me. I poked around on elance, avrfreaks, and the atmel site only to find too many outdated links and vagueness on skill sets.

  3. Just a thought, but it might also be a good place to post volunteer opportunities for hackers(skilled or not), or for people looking to volunteer. Say, something along environmental/socially responsible lines, just as an idea.

  4. May I suggest the the most important thing you can do is to forbid headhunters? If you want a job board that’s truly useful, I think the first and biggest step is to only allow companies or individuals that are actually hiring to post, or at least require that headhunters post the name of the company that is hiring. Otherwise, the job board could easily fill up with headhunters posting enticing (but non-existent) jobs in order to collect respondent’s resumes.

    You might want to look at http://careers.joelonsoftware.com/faq for how one bunch of guys does it in the software industry. I can’t vouch for anything on there, except that it ISN’T full of headhunters. As near as I can see, all the jobs are real.

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