NEW PRODUCT – Mitutoyo – Absolute Digimatic Digital Calipers

Digimatic Lrg

Digimaticled Lrg

NEW PRODUCT Mitutoyo – Absolute Digimatic Digital Calipers. The most useful tool we’ve ever laid our hands on. These calipers are indestructible and ultra-precise. These digital calipers work by having a capacitive sensor instead of a rack and pinion, so they never go out of alignment even if, say, you accidentally drop them (a few times). One button converts the measurement from millimeters to inches. Perfect for measuring components. We’ve used the same pair multiple times daily for 5 years and never replaced the battery. They are very much treasured and we’re very pleased to be offer them in the store as The Best Calipers On Earth.

  • Large and clear LCD readout.
  • The ZERO/ABS key allows the display to be Zero-Set at any slider position along the scale for incremental comparison measurements.
  • The In./mm key instantly converts from Imperial to Metric (or vice versa)
  • Measuring Range Max:6″
  • Accuracy:0.001″
  • Resolution:0.0005″/0.01mm
  • Instrument Accuracy ±:0.001″
  • Lower Scale Measuring Range:0-6″/0-150 mm
  • Expected battery life: 3.5 years
  • Made in Japan

Digimaticbox Lrg

Digimaticcase Lrg

It took us a very long time to get in and at a great price, we think this is THE holiday gift this year for the maker, hacker, engineer or scientist in your life – or just get them for yourself, they’ll last a lifetime. Hard case included.

We have a limited supply but they are in stock and shipping now.

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  1. Wow! Nice addition. Do they auto on/off to save the battery?

  2. @george – not needed, the battery lasts *years*

  3. Wow, that’s a great addition to the store, every machinist I work with swears by mitutoyo. I know what I’m asking for for xmas!

    Am I right in thinking these are NOT the coolant proof ones though?

  4. @sam – coolant proof? do you have a link to mitutoyo?

  5. @Sam – This model is not officially coolant proof (the IP67 rated model is p/n 500-731-10) however they are for all practical purposes coolant proof. We’ve had a number of these at the shop for years and they have held up very well to oil based coolant exposure as well as daily use. I’m not sure about water based coolant but as long as you wipe any water off after exposure I’m sure they’d be fine.

  6. @jared – that’s been our experience too, they’re fantastic!

  7. Tempting… tempting….
    My 30+ year old Mitutoyo dial calipers are starting to show their age…

  8. Awesome. I’m getting one – or two.

    “@george – not needed, the battery lasts *years*”

    Hmmm. Yet it has an on/off switch? Is that like the 7/11 that is open 24/7 but still has locks on it’s doors?

  9. I have a either these or some that look just like them (I don’t recall the model number). Very nice to have around.

    I keep the Mitutoyo calipers at home and a $10 (or less) pair of Harbor Freight calipers on my desk at work.

  10. I’ve had a pair of these for 10 years and I’ll never try any other brand. I shorted a 12V battery with them once and they still work like a champ. I think I’ve only replaced the battery once in the last 10 years and there are times that I’ve left them powered all night or over the weekend.

  11. I’ve owned a pair of these calipers for over seven years. They are very durable and very high quality. The price may seem steep, but they truly rock. To make them last longer, keep them clean and put them back in the case when you aren’t using them.

  12. I can also attest to what wonderful instruments these are. Essential if you need to make up your own PCB layouts for oddball parts.

    I had to wait months for mine (apparently Mitutoyo got busted for selling goodies to Iran, and it was some time before they could sell in the US again).

    Has anybody found a better case for it? I always felt the cheap plastic case didn’t do it justice…

  13. I am a toolmaker by trade and have owned this caliper for 4 years. I use it every day. I have never turned it off and have only recently changed the battery for the first time.

    Compared to a dial caliper, I really like that it never goes out of alignment (something Mitutoyo calls “Absolute Technology”), and that you can switch between inch and metric. I also like the incremental mode, where you can “set a zero” at any size, and measure other distances relative to that.

    I appreciate what the other commenters have said about keeping it clean and dry in the case, but I treat mine like a tool and it works great. In fact, I use it to measure almost everything. I only bother with my Mitutoyo micrometers if the tolerance is tighter than +/- .003″ or so.

  14. Nice. Maybe I’m old-school but if it were me, I would avoid the digital calipers in favor of the vernier style calipers (and no, I’m not talking about dial calipers which, imho, are the worst choice of all of them). Vernier calipers require no batteries and are *very* easy to read once someone hash shown you how they work.

    Maybe I should do a write-up and post it online…

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