December 17, 2010 AT 10:00 pm

Adafruit’s review of TRON: Legacy

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Our review! Spoilers ahead!

TRON: Legacy is the sequel to the cult hit TRON. Set about 20 years from the original, now in present time TRON: Legacy is an exciting thrill ride of 3D magic. The story starts out with a bang, Dillinger’s son (Edward) has taken control over ENCOM, ENCOM best known for their successful video games and social calendaring created by Kevin Flynn. Flynn disappeared years ago, no one knows where – but it’s in the digital world of course. Dillinger has recently sold ENCOM to YAHOO! – the entire ENCOM team has been shuffled around at YAHOO! giving strategy presentations, trying to find a role for the digital world created by Flynn. Some of the ENCOM engineers have moved, attending tech conferences, talking about what it was like to sell ENCOM to YAHOO!

Flynn also had a son, and Flynn’s son is all grown up – and while he owned significant shares in ENCOM they’re pretty much underwater as YAHOO! shares now – with nothing left to lose Sam Flynn dives in to the digital world to find his father with the help of Kevin Flynn’s old friend Alan Bradley (Tron). Alan tells Sam he received a pager message from the old arcade Kevin Flynn ran. Sam finds the project his father was working on and is digitally transported to the virtual world. Inside Sam soon finds the world his father created has been taken over by Dillinger’s son and a new enemy BARTZ – together Edward and BARTZ battle Sam to control the digital world so they can “retire it” or worse, force users to use YAHOO! messenger to sign in. Sam’s father created an amazing digital world, but the females are pets. Quorra (created by Sam’s father) is a “rescue” ISO, it’s complicated – but it all makes sense, really – trust us. In the digital world, female characters cannot have any lines unless they’re about a male character (Sam).

Sam, his father and Quorra defeat BARTZ and re-materialize in the physical world together. Together father and son spend their days pitching the silicon valley investors to buy back the digital world they created now that they have defeated YAHOO! The movie has great special effects for the first 12 minutes, the other 120 minutes is just Jeff Bridges doing power points about ROI on TRONVILLE, the TRON app store and then eventually really slick video on vimeo encouraging users to fund TRONR via Kickstarter. Eventually TRON is sold to Google, it becomes TRONWAVE and then it is open sourced when it becomes too complicated to use for people besides Quorra. The film has a really important message, and it’s great to see open source win out in the end. We give the film a B+ and look forward to it coming out on BlueRay.

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  1. Definitely the best summary I’ve seen of TRON: Legacy yet.

  2. Great summary! What kind of reaction did you get to you and Adabot’s funky ELwire accessories?

  3. great sum up .Now interested in watching movie.

  4. Hang on, there’s something not quite right here…


  5. Epic review is epic. πŸ™‚

  6. Nice review. Feel the same way. Thought it was like visual effect porn.

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