February 15, 2011 AT 10:32 am

The Bilibot Project – iRobot Create, Kinect and more!

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The Bilibot Project is about affordable robots… The Bilibot Project via HaD.

The main focus of this project is the computer platform, although we do produce the full packaged robot. Lots of small cheap computers exist, but which ones would be good robot brains? For this reason, we are testing a number of small, cheap computers to see which one performs the best. We are very interested in suggestions. If you know of a computer that meets the requirements, please let us know!

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  1. I’ve mentioned before that back in 2003 there was a accessible system by Evolution Robotics called the ER1. I picked up two of them when they where closing up production of the project for 150 each (USD).

    It was basically an augmentation of laptop brains onto a frame of extruded Aluminum (or aluminium for you brits 🙂 ) with a usb stepper controller and steppers with rollerblade wheels. With webcam(w integrated mic) and super easy to program robot logic graphical interface with MS voice recog and TTS… and very good PROPRIETARY vision recognition (one of the tops in the industry… used in later AIBO’s).

    This though (my long comment) PROVES that OSH is so POWERFUL!… The SDK was over 2500 bucks! Many of us online tried to reverse engineer the API’s to get some ability to at least call functions, but with limited success.

    If they had OSH and OSS it would have been so far before it’s time… and insanely popular. The bilibot would have had no reason to exist! AND we would have been really pushing the envelope technologically for the world to enjoy for 8 years now!

    Cheers to the bilibot team! About time – and thanks to Limor and Phillip for helping the world by encouraging the cracking of the Kinect to really further this endeavor. Now I see clearly why you did it!

    You know an old laptop, a kinect and a revised (pumped up power output… maybe Adafruit Motorshield would really do well adding the holes to swap out the L293 with a L298? For now I guess just stacking the L293’s in parallel will suffice…

    Sorry for the long comment… I’m way into telepresence (use it to “hang” out with my 9year old daughter who lives 1500 miles away… anyone over there ever read the old MIT press periodical “Telepresence?”

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