July 2, 2011 AT 11:30 pm

PCB Pool’s ad is weird looking, caption it…

Pt 101225

PCB Pool’s page – a bizarre “ad”. Photo caption contest time! Post what this is the comments – go! Please keep it *G* rated, thanks!

We will start – Jessica Rabbit becomes an engineer “I’m not bad. I’m just auto-routed that way.”

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  1. jessica rabbit – “I’m not bad. I’m just auto-routed that way.”

  2. “I always have trouble focusing waist-level viewfinder cameras.”

  3. Belongs on an 80s synthpop album cover.

  4. “PCB Pool: Our etchant removes just the right amount of copper in just the right places.”

  5. “Pcb Pool: Making your swim suit glowy since 1994”

  6. “We make the magic happen”

  7. Lieven Blancke

    Let’s dip in the pool.

  8. Do Pcb manufacturers dream of electronic pron?

  9. “PCB Pool Labwear: Where ESD safety and fashion meet.”

  10. all our pcbs are fabricated in the wombs of sexy andriods

  11. Does my solder look big in this?

  12. Thank you, but actually it’s silicon.

  13. “Now what is the calorie content of this PCB, I have to watch my waistline if I want to be the spokesdroid for PCB pool”

  14. Nice Capacitors!

  15. Guys will find all kind of interesting bonus stuff. Unlock codes will be released after your first order.

  16. Wait, they’re remaking “Westworld?” Cool!

  17. and this is where baby’s come from!

  18. My belt buckle is bigger and flashier than most cowboys.

  19. PCB Pool: Not for women. Women have no brains and are just for sex.

  20. …And this circuit keeps me from folding at my unrealistic waist.

  21. “Do Pcb manufacturers dream of electronic pron?” – Ben – Phenoptix. lol 🙂

    My turn:

    “PCB POOL Beta Layout, Lady Gaga approved.”

  22. Working on your ‘girl robot’? We’re here to help.

  23. yikes, soup-ladle girl needs a manicure

  24. Introducing the first Arduino powered, fingernail controlled, iPad bathing suit. Taking Open Source to a new level.

  25. “PCB-Pool: Objectifying women since 1994”

  26. IPAD-X “Wanna know if your hungry”,”There’s an app for that”

  27. PCB-Pool: Helping you give birth to your project since 1994

  28. Dimitri Katsaros

    Must… make… corset… TIGHTER!

  29. “The absolute best place to put your components”

  30. IronBabe Barbie

  31. Only making your crap until we can build one of these!

  32. Bring your PCB designs to life just like your mother did for you.

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