ASK AN ENGINEER 7/9/2011 (video)…

We’re going to try posting the text from the chat in the post(s) here. It’s after the jump…

7:00 ADAbot: ok g we are spinnin
7:00 georgegraves: Good audio good video.
7:00 Improviser: Dosbomber: exactly
7:00 wa7iut: the huddle was fun!
7:00 excavatoree: Whoo Hoo!!
7:00 georgegraves: All ready here. recording.
7:00 Miaximus: May the force be with you.
7:00 wa7iut: hangout that is
7:00 ADAbot: rock
7:00 brianez21: chinese!
7:00 underageinventor: hello!
7:00 mark8675: To serve man
7:00 lopta: I think I hear mic noise πŸ™‚
7:00 Zadster: transistormaaaaan
lopta waits for the cat to meow
7:00 ktownsend: Life from New York it’s …
7:00 Improviser: We’ll all be speakin Chinese soon
7:01 ADAbot: CHAT STARTS NOW! refresh your page if you’re in the flash chat to see the video!
7:01 ADAbot:
7:01 thoughtfix: Hi Ask a Ninja Near!
7:01 kentkb: Woop!
7:01 Miaximus: Gotta love Blade Runner!
7:01 georgegraves: sad face
7:01 Zadster: Philbricks!
7:01 Nashblackcat: I was so sad to watch that
7:02 Nashblackcat: πŸ™
7:02 socket11: Hello All!
7:02 ubbeauty: t
7:02 ubbeauty: e
7:02 ubbeauty: s
7:02 JMartinez9: ..
7:02 Dosbomber: Have no fear… we’ll still be in space… if the Russians allow it. >:(
7:03 pangoat: hello people
7:03 JMartinez9: drive failure?? not raid??
7:03 lopta: Dosbomber: …or the Chinese
7:03 RobotGrrl: oooh i hope it is the cameras!
7:03 JMartinez9: no backup?? πŸ™
7:03 socket11: CAT!!!
7:03 kentkb: Kat Attak
7:03 brianez21: I want to watch Bladerunner again now πŸ™‚
7:03 lopta: Is the cat a robot?
7:03 socket11: Me too!
7:03 brianez21: Huddle is the mobile phone version
7:03 brianez21: Hangout is the web video version
7:04 Dosbomber: Yeah, Mosfet is on the attack… you just need to wake him up first. πŸ˜€
7:04 thoughtfix: And it fills up fast!
7:04 Dimitri0101: Q: How about list somewhere what kits are eligible for the EYES code??
7:04 johngineer: c’mon Mosfet… get on the bug patrol
7:04 pangoat: violence
7:04 hashiba_: AKA: Google Awkward
7:04 usunoro: google+ does both hangouts and huddles.. hangouts are video chats, huddles are text only
7:04 mark8675: silly humans
7:04 Zadster: The world really aint ready to see my face on video
7:04 Dosbomber: Same here
7:05 Zadster: especially as its 3am
7:05 yergacheffe: there was a cat in the hangout too
7:05 lopta: adabot: you lucky, lucky geezer!
7:05 jersagfast: thats a great gallery.
7:05 johngineer: that is an amazing photoset. you guys should check it out.
7:05 johngineer: well, to be fair, there’s still one up there…
7:06 johngineer: it’s not quite over yet.
7:06 georgegraves: That’s not going to end well.
7:06 mark8675-1: soyuz
7:06 socket11: I saw the frist one in school class room and have watched everyone!, 30 years.
7:06 Improviser: Need a better way to deploy military destructo toys
7:06 johngineer: i think i’ve seen all but one of them.
7:06 georgegraves: (using russina rockets)
7:06 mark8675: LHC = being sucked into a black hole
7:07 socket11: Love the NASA channel
7:07 Improviser: Space Shuttle parts on Ebay
7:07 Nashblackcat: Whoa !
7:07 ADAbot: :: Welcome to the weekly adafruit “ask an engineer chat” ::
7:07 ADAbot: :: for all the makers here – use the code “EYES” to get 10% off many kits!
7:07 ADAbot: :: at the end of the hour we will have a special giveaway!
7:07 zerth: it’d be awesome if the last one got some shielding damage and they had to leave it attached to the ISS
7:07 kentkb: I could not get into Hangup+ crap I have my bug hat on!
7:07 bruce: wow, smaller than I thought (op amps)
7:07 ktownsend: I think 1 in 25 of the astronauts going into Space were killed in the program, no? Must be both exhilirating and terrifying all at once for those 300ish people who made the trip.
7:07 johngineer: those are probably all cordwood construction
7:07 yardleydobon: looks like someone took the phrase block diagram a little too literally
7:07 Nashblackcat: do they work?
7:07 JMartinez9: try fitting those on an arduino shield! πŸ˜€
7:07 Zadster: the valve (tube) opamps werent much bigger either
7:07 johngineer: stacked PCBs
7:08 kentkb: Laughing Squid shirt!
7:08 yachris: So I’m clueless: What, exactly, does an op-amp do?
7:08 socket11: Shuttle parts!
7:08 brianez21: lol
7:08 kentkb: Do they work?
7:08 Chrisgammell: Yay op amps!
7:09 johngineer: Hopefully Hot Topic will go out of business and be replaced by an electronics supply story.
7:09 rdump: i’ve never heard an astronaut, even in private, express fear of death on a flight. they do universally fear screwing up, though
7:09 johngineer: IIRC, Mr. Pease worked at Philbrick on op-amps just like those.
7:09 Chrisgammell: That’s right John
7:09 usunoro: did they get the name because they made bricks of electonic components?
7:09 c0bra99: Philbrick PP55A mentioned in a research paper from 1972, about the “effect of caffeine on heart muscle” interesting…
7:10 johngineer: Is that the company where he quit in spectacular fashion?
7:10 thoughtfix: I love the open source hardware logo πŸ˜€
7:10 Dosbomber: It’s the Pilot’s Prayer. “Dear God, please don’t let me screw this up, and if I must, please don’t let anyone notice.”
7:10 RobotGrrl: Q: Why don’t people use CC licenses for open source code more?
7:10 Chrisgammell: Yup, pulled out if his pants
7:10 zerth: inertia?
7:10 Chrisgammell: Of
7:10 lopta: RobotGrrl: Because the BSD license isn’t broke πŸ˜‰
7:10 yachris: There are more appropriate licenses for software
7:10 usunoro: robotgrrl, peobably because largely no one reads licenses, and tend to go with the popular ones.. like gpl and such
7:10 yachris: BSD, MIT, GPL (if you desire…)
7:10 johngineer: @Chris — haha. my hero. πŸ™‚
7:11 RobotGrrl: but none of those licenses give the same flexibility as the CC ones :O
7:11 yachris: BSD is pretty much “Whatever you want to do…”?
7:11 thoughtfix: OMG ROBOTUX!
7:11 rougenaxela: MIT is pretty damn flexible
7:11 socket11: LOL
7:11 mark8675: Build your own LHC
7:11 johngineer: It’s only a matter of time before someone makes a metal Tux with rivets and such.
lopta sighs
7:12 jersagfast: q: Where can we get a copy of the license?
7:12 johngineer: I’ll brb. sorry.
7:12 ADAbot: we have a post / link on our site
7:12 jersagfast: thx sir
7:13 DrenBoy: Adafruit Mini LHC Kit πŸ˜›
7:13 socket11: Q: Do you think they will tryh to restrict it later?
7:13 thoughtfix: a PDF? Oh sweet irony
7:13 Dosbomber: hehe
7:13 yachris: Once it exists, you can use it. If it changes, you can use the earlier version.
7:14 yachris: test
7:15 mndless: test2
7:15 lopta: test0
7:15 mark8675: Alpha!!!
7:15 socket11: Flat line!
7:15 yachris: I’ve created a monster… sorry, using Chrome for the first time, thought it messed things up.
7:15 socket11: LOL
7:16 Zadster: the parallel equivalent is handy
7:16 zerth: the network diagram is neat
7:16 rdump: cern is unlikely to produce another more restrictive version. their goals are to foster less expensive and more effective research, with greater ability of other researchers to dup or disprove results
7:16 tosborn56: Q: Will the penguin logo appear on Adafruit boards in the future?
7:16 thoughtfix: Proper use of pot is very important
7:17 socket11: LOL
7:18 jerryinky: hi
7:19 Nashblackcat: lopta: hey
7:19 thoughtfix: q: He made a GREAT device and I love it, but it doesn’t tweet.
7:19 socket11: Congrats!,,, Beer run!
7:19 Dosbomber: Yeah, isn’t he supposed to “Make It Tweet”?
7:19 lopta: Nashblackcat: Yes?
7:19 Dosbomber: I don’t do the tweet thing, so I really don’t care either way
lopta tweets all the time
7:20 Nashblackcat: I do have a neat idea for a project box for your meter … if you have a smoke shop I have found some sell the wooden boxes the cigars come in. You might want to try that too. I am still looking.
7:20 georgegraves: Q: Does twitter still flag you as spam if your post too much to your account?
7:20 jersagfast: GOOD read.
7:20 lopta: Nashblackcat: thanks, I’ll look for that.
7:21 johngineer-1: @george: if you post at too high a frequency, yes.
7:21 thoughtfix: George: My make-it-tweet thing denied identical tweets through the API
7:21 wa7iut: pi multiplier
7:21 lopta: georgegraves: It’s never done that to me.
7:21 georgegraves: I really liked this article. I just doubled the price of a product. My life is much better now.
7:21 thoughtfix: so I am going to build an RTC into it too
7:21 johngineer-1: went through that when my blog feed started going to twitter and dumped all the old articles at once.
7:21 Marty200: t
7:22 RobotGrrl: Q: can you make a tutorial about margins and stuff?
7:22 RobotGrrl: like how does the 2/3 thingy change the margin?
7:22 mark8675: anyone can sell model 1 today, but not everyone can sell model 2 tomorrow
7:22 jersagfast: Another good read.
7:23 georgegraves: lost video.
7:23 underageinventor: oh no
7:23 wa7iut: dead aire
7:23 Zadster: its back
7:23 Dimitri0101: WHat the… huh??? πŸ™‚
7:23 rdump: dark and silent for just a bit
7:23 socket11: Q: Do you compete directly with your resellers?
7:23 zerth: start at COST/.45/.45 for end users, give COST/.45 to resellers. If the resellers do higher, let them, but don’t undercut them after the fact.
7:23 Improviser: how high is your Chinese kung fu?
7:24 hashiba_: is the video up for anyone?
7:24 Dosbomber: No video problems here
7:24 yachris: yup, video is fine
7:24 usunoro: video cut out for a second and then came right bacj
7:24 Zadster: refresh it
7:24 tosborn56: No problems here.
7:24 hashiba_: cool, thanks
7:24 bruce: I had to pause and unpause the video to get it back, myself
7:24 jersagfast: Tonights code: 眼睛
7:25 socket11: good stream here
7:25 Dosbomber: You need to learn English if you want to do business in the world, though.
7:25 Len17: You already know English.
7:25 socket11: LOL
7:25 Dosbomber: Not just my opinion, got that from a customer in Germany “English is world-speak”.
lopta is bilingual: I speak English and American!
7:25 zerth: Lots of people have english as their 2nd/3rd/4th language.
7:25 ubbeauty: 你好马
Zadster too
7:26 zerth: but then I deal mostly with europe and south america, not china.
7:26 Len17: Zad, I think I saw you mixing English & American a few minutes ago!
7:26 gwolverine: anyone else having problems seeing video?
7:26 Zadster: in my experience, engineers tend not to have language orientated brains
7:26 rdump: the international language of science, engineering, and business is broken english. for now
7:26 thoughtfix: I met Evil Mad Science last week! They’re just up the street from me! πŸ˜€
7:26 Angelbane: I know one person that is caucasian and fluent in mandarin … he writes his own check
7:26 socket11: The world is getting smaller!
7:26 JMartinez9: Q: how do you enter chinese char into your translator??
7:26 Zadster: Im weird, I tend to pick up the accent of the person I’m talking to
7:27 pangoat: I can’t imagine any valid reason *not* to learn the language
7:27 yachris: It takes a LOT of work… best argument against I know πŸ™‚
7:27 socket11: You do it everyday!
7:27 pangoat: hehe
7:27 lopta: Q: Is ladyada enjoying her visit to this planet?
7:28 Zadster: lol
7:28 jersagfast: 眼睛
7:28 Len17: This is the REAL reason ADAbot is spending 2 years learning Chinese.
7:28 hashiba_: hahahaha
7:28 johngineer-1: it’s set in Los Angeles, but…
7:28 Zadster: but made in Britain
7:28 Dosbomber: I don’t know how long China will be a world power though… generations of one-child-per-family rules have caused a major imbalance of females in their culture. Already there are males graduating from advanced schools who can’t find women to form families. Cultural genocide.
7:28 socket11: Based in New york right?
7:28 fennec: Q: Do you think america can catch up to Chinese manufacturing ability, or should try? What about worker conditions and environmental impacts?
7:28 bruce: The first scene says something like LA, 2045 or thereabouts
7:29 lopta: fennec: No.
7:29 Dosbomber: feccec: Nope
7:29 johngineer-1: @fennec: nope. that ship has sailed.
7:29 Dosbomber: er.. sorry.. fennec
7:29 socket11: LA ? sounds right
7:29 johngineer-1: yes, Blade Runner is set in LA in the year 2020
7:29 johngineer-1: or 2019
7:29 pangoat: the human brain is maleable long time. Learning a language helps you learn other languages.
7:29 gwolverine: Possible? yes. Corporations don’t want it. people here want to make a decent wage and be safe
7:29 ubbeauty: yan: 目字旁
7:30 kentkb: Nice job, PT. Have always wondered?
7:30 richms-1: how hard is it to type chinese?
7:30 Zadster: filmed in Shepperton Studios in Surrey
7:30 socket11: Math the key to the universe?
7:30 yachris: crashed for me… couldn’t do their demo!
7:30 jwarchol: Thinkgeek sells the TroubleMaker T-Shirt
7:30 pangoat: Zadster — are we talking a Hammer film?
7:30 Zadster: no Chinese characters were harmed in the making of this video
7:30 jwarchol:
7:30 johngineer-1: A character has wandered off of PT’s farm. Will you take care of it?
7:31 gwolverine: this is my first time attending this… is there a point to it? lol
7:31 gwolverine: or just to chat and bs a little??
7:31 ktownsend: john: crap … don’t tell Zuckerberg or it’ll be on the dinner plate
7:31 jwarchol: there is a basic schedule
7:31 ADAbot: gw: it’s ask an engineer, we are talking about electronics
7:31 ADAbot: news
7:31 gwolverine: ok ty πŸ™‚
7:31 socket11: NO! and don’t ask!
7:31 gwolverine: hehehe
7:31 dayday1109: h
7:31 pangoat: heh
7:31 yachris: it used to be a lot more focused…
7:31 jwarchol: the “ask the engineer” part is still ahead
7:31 gwolverine: ahhh
7:31 johngineer-1: @kevin: yeah. he will kill it and eat it.
7:31 gwolverine: ty
7:31 Dosbomber: There’s the show, and then there’s the chat room, which can go anywhere, but generally stays somewhat on-topic
7:31 johngineer-1: cause that’s how he rolls.
7:31 ADAbot: we have news to catch up on this week
7:32 gwolverine: cool
7:32 ADAbot: dont worry, it’s all PCBs after this
7:32 ADAbot: and parts
7:32 gwolverine: πŸ˜›
7:32 socket11: Beer run!
7:32 gwolverine: ty
7:32 lopta: I love that Adafruit has a section titled “Useful stuff”
7:32 pangoat: parts
7:32 Dimitri0101: Like googlemaps for factory! πŸ™‚
7:32 jwarchol: efficiency!
7:32 Zadster: thats handy, my Farnell order sheets are a nightmare
7:33 ADAbot: here’s how you find parts
7:33 lopta: I didn’t know Farnell were still around.
7:33 RobotGrrl: i wonder if there’s an API for this πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
7:33 Dosbomber: Element14 = Farnell
7:33 jwarchol: Step 1) Go to Adafruit. Step 2) If not there, give up and drink
7:33 ADAbot: :: Welcome to the weekly adafruit “ask an engineer chat” ::
7:33 ADAbot: :: for all the makers here – use the code “EYES” to get 10% off many kits!
7:33 ADAbot: :: at the end of the hour we will have a special giveaway!
7:33 johngineer-1: = newark
7:33 Dosbomber: johngineer-1: True
hter is sick today, but she had *so* much fun watching robots dancing on YouTube
7:34 johngineer-1: ??
7:34 lopta: I may pick up a simple robot kit for us to build together.
7:34 jwarchol: i’m building kits with my 13yo niece.
7:34 ADAbot: lopta: this how you make an engineer, get her robots πŸ™‚
7:34 socket11: My kids love soldering 8 and 6 years old!
7:35 Dosbomber: socket11: Nice
7:35 Zadster: note how much more we pay Farnell than element-14 in the US
7:35 jwarchol: what temperature do you solder 8 year olds?
7:35 lopta: ADAbot: Closest thing I had as a kid (excluding the BBC Buggy we had at school) was Capsela
7:35 ADAbot: we have those here
7:35 lopta: …which had no logic, it was all mechanical
7:35 ADAbot: its awesome
7:35 thoughtfix: As long as it’s not run by Octomom
7:35 ADAbot: you can still buy capsela
7:36 Improviser: You have to heat 8 year olds up quite a bit to solder
7:36 johngineer-1: first thing I saw when I walked into Adafruit HQ was Adabot’s Capsela set.
7:36 ADAbot: we got a deluxe set on ebay
7:36 johngineer-1: πŸ™‚
7:36 RobotGrrl: apparently fc only has get, no api πŸ™
7:36 socket11: We use a weller wes50
7:36 lopta: I love that you not only know what Capsela is, but actually have some!
7:36 wtfwtfdef: octaparty
7:36 rougenaxela: Ahhhh… old memories… capsela was fun when I was young
7:36 Improviser: kids are great at soldering
7:36 jersagfast: Like your shirt Ladyada.
7:36 wtfwtfdef: chat
7:37 Improviser: my son watched me and just started doing it
7:37 lopta: Q: Is electronics taught in American high schools?
7:37 wtfwtfdef: shirt
7:37 ADAbot: lopta: nope
7:37 zerth: not usually.
7:37 ktownsend: Thermistor pins, better layout, QFN to make it easier to assemble
7:37 lopta: Q: What about computer programming?
7:37 Dosbomber: lopta: Not really, at least in the HS I went to 20 years ago
7:37 excavatoree: It was taught at my high school, but that was in the stone age.
7:37 ubbeauty: got to go 再见
7:37 socket11: Very little and in specific programs, in US
7:37 Zadster: you can do GCSE electronics here in the UK but there arent many courses and they aim them at “low achievers” πŸ™
7:37 zerth: sort of, for small values of programming.
7:37 yachris: yes, programming is taught…
7:37 wtfwtfdef: ee t from
7:37 ADAbot: we might have an article called “MAP is the new STEM” mandarin, arduino and processing… vs the test taking version of education now
7:38 ADAbot: πŸ™‚
7:38 yachris: zerth πŸ™‚
7:38 lopta: Zadster: that was the only GCSE I left school with πŸ˜‰
7:38 Zadster: πŸ˜€
7:38 MauiMaker: kids are great at making. My 15yo is currently hacking up a sign for our makerspace on our laser cutter
7:38 Dosbomber: lopta: Kinda half-effort for both. Electronics was a semester-long Industrial Arts class where we built a kit. Programming was about the same.
7:38 lopta: We were the first year that didn’t get to do O levels.
7:38 jhmorris: not at the hs I teach at – no electronics or programming
7:38 socket11: My daughter loves to see the leds turn on after we do something.
7:38 Angelbane: The problem with programming in school in us is that it is uaually taught by un qualified individuals
7:38 lopta: jhmorris: I think that’s a shame.
7:39 lopta: Is that a camera?
7:39 lopta: …or PIR?
7:39 yachris: PIR
7:39 ADAbot: we think processing (and then arduino) should be in every school…
7:39 ADAbot: PIR
7:39 zerth: my highschool(15 years ago) taugh pascal and some basic electronics that was a few weeks of a “household wiring” class.
7:39 RobotGrrl: PIR lenses are so cool!!!!!!!
7:39 MauiMaker: Programming and electronics are taught better and faster at local hackerspace
7:39 Dosbomber: Our programming teacher was a math/accounting teacher.. who couldn’t code worth a darn.
7:39 Zadster: BBC Micros were superb for teaching programming
7:39 ADAbot: maui: lots of parents are doing that now
7:39 lopta: Zadster: Got to love the analogue port.
7:39 wtfwtfdef: whst is pir sensor
7:39 Improviser: Q :How long does it take to stabilize???
7:40 r4v5: Anyone have any suggestions on what to do with some old, tiny hard drives?
7:40 lopta: Zadster: and the user port.
7:40 rougenaxela: I think it would be neat if HSs partnered with hackerspaces for some things
7:40 zerth: dosbomber: sounds like my teacher:)
7:40 Zadster: idd
7:40 jhmorris: the only place students can get that is the robotics team
7:40 r4v5: PIR sensors are the motion sensor things in rooms.
7:40 thoughtfix: q: How sensitive can I make it? For example, can I make it only scan a couple feet ahead for …. a cat?
7:40 Miaximus: I LOVE these boards
7:40 socket11: Thank god!!!
7:40 lopta: There is no hackspace here.
7:40 ADAbot: “remaking” libraries would help too
7:40 Miaximus: They are fantastic
7:40 thoughtfix: q: My last Q was for the PIR sensor
7:40 MauiMaker: partnering w/HS is what we are doing out here. Charter school mainly, but we mentor FIRST team too
7:40 jersagfast: FTDI πŸ™‚
7:40 ktownsend: Max range for NFC is 10CM
bcanon has one on the way πŸ™‚
7:40 ADAbot: thoughtfix: hmm, maybe 10cm
7:40 lopta: NFC = Nearfield communications?
7:41 MauiMaker: @lopta start one!
7:41 Zadster: yup
7:41 socket11: Proximity inferred sencer
7:41 ktownsend: With a good second antenna (in the card) you can get about the max with this board (it’s properly tuned)
7:41 thoughtfix: ADAbot: Good enough! I don’t want it to tweet when I walk by – just for when the cats eat
7:41 Dosbomber: I look at libraries as places to promote independent learning.. what would be better than a Hackerspace for that?
7:41 lopta: MauiMaker: I have no capital and very little time.
Zadster waves
7:41 kentkb: Crap, please start a Adafruit of the month club, I want all the updated junk….
7:41 jersagfast: Hi Kevin, thanks for the help! (RGB to HEX color converter) πŸ™‚
7:41 robotjohn: cool
7:42 ktownsend: jersag: NP
7:42 lopta: What sort of pressure?
7:42 wtfwtfdef: why is there a large unpop side?
7:42 socket11: Q: Will you build a kit for NFC Posters?
7:42 joachimbean: My university uses Arduino and Processing
7:42 ADAbot: kentb: a newsletter?
7:42 Miaximus: My question about the PN532 is: Was the maximum range extended between the v1.0 and v1.3 versions?
7:42 lopta: air pressure?
7:42 ADAbot: socket: yah, we’ll likely have something
7:42 MauiMaker: dang low bandwidth. keeps cutting audio
7:42 excavatoree: I can replace my mechanical altimeter.
7:42 jmcglinn: want
7:42 lopta: I wish I got to visit the local library sometimes.
7:42 socket11: COOL!
7:42 joachimbean: in the Department of Art, they discoverd open source hardware YEARS before the engineers did
7:42 kentkb: Yay , like I dont follow you all daily?
7:42 ktownsend: Miaximus: No change in range … still 10cm which is the max for almost anything NFC
7:42 ADAbot: kent, we’ll see what’s possible πŸ™‚
7:42 Miaximus: Okay great, thanks! I have the 1.0 version working great in my project – Nice board!!
lopta thinks about QNH and QFE
7:43 ADAbot: Miaximus: My question about the PN532 is: Was the maximum range extended between the v1.0 and v1.3 versions?
7:43 bigbodynobrain: woaa i just look at a radio shack ad and saw a BoArduino from adafruit
7:43 kentkb: <# you all 7:43 r4v5: How easy is it to calibrate that BMP? What level of accuracy? 7:43 Miaximus: Mr. Townsend answered πŸ™‚ 7:43 MauiMaker: @adabot - how about environmental enclosures for these BMP and other sensors 7:43 Nashblackcat: HAB ! 7:43 socket11: I have used this in a product for skydiving! 7:43 kentkb: I hope the cigar box idea works for you
7:59 jwarchol: q: any way to pair/detect a phone via bluetooth and an arduino?
7:59 Dimitri0101: I can now program the UNO with G4 PowerBook Titanium… have to upgrade to OS X 10.5 (10.4.11 deosn’t work)
7:59 gwolverine: Any thoughts on why a mintyboost would have difficulty charing iphones when the phone has 75% charge or more, but is fine lower than that?
7:59 ericwertz: map() could be made faster if you don’t need longs
7:59 MauiMaker: I started a Teaching page on to share class materials
7:59 jersagfast: search arduino in the Apple app store
7:59 socket11: Everybody wants NFC!!!!
7:59 lopta: Nashblackcat: I’m not great at woodwork, but I may be able to get my brother-in-law to have a go.
8:00 socket11: Short 2 and 3.
8:00 bcd_uno: How do you control the output voltage from a pin on the arduino?
8:00 jwarchol: i have a 3Gs πŸ™ Replacing t with whatever’s next
8:00 drenboy: Theres like an “ubertooth one” for bluetooth experimentation…
8:00 socket11: Resistors
8:01 kentkb: I think a pushed letter when the “shhh” Secert stuff is ready to come up for sale, maybe an insider news or members/buyers
8:01 bcanon: Ubertooth One is awesome.
8:01 Miaximus: Hehehe
8:01 lopta: Q: What would we do without you?!
8:01 socket11: Mosfet!
8:01 Dosbomber: Q: Is there any difference between cast and extruded acrylic sheeting when it comes to a laser cutter operation?
8:01 drenboy: i hope its not another chinese character lol
8:01 socket11: Good question!
8:02 jersagfast: 眼睛
8:02 jwarchol: fruity oaty bars
8:02 Miaximus: !
8:02 Len17: I know one Chinese character thanks to ADAbot.
8:02 tomasreabe: Yummy bars
8:02 Marty200: Odebar
8:02 zool-1: lol
8:02 brianez21: fruity oaty bar
8:02 Dimitri0101: snake
8:02 jwarchol: i LOVE firefly
8:02 socket11: DAM!!!
8:02 mndless: what is a fruity oaty bar?
8:02 rougenaxela: Fastest trivia ever, haha
8:02 ADAbot: jwarchol: fruity oaty bars
8:02 yardleydobon: why does he keep calling it serenity instead of firefly
8:02 onebutton: i watch from japan
8:02 drenboy: arghhh lol
8:02 drenboy: she’s singing…
8:02 MauiMaker: crud audio/vid cut ou and I dont get to here he question until after Jay answered.
8:02 jersagfast: not techno..
8:03 reportingsjr: yardleydobon: that is from serenity
8:03 socket11: Oaty fruity bars?
8:03 Zadster: lol
8:03 socket11: I want now!
8:03 drenboy: Adafruit Oaty Fruity Bar Kit v1.2
8:03 jwarchol: ringtone worthy
8:03 t3h_blu3_cruies3r: um
8:03 excavatoree: More nutritious than Pockey
8:03 rougenaxela: Fruity oaty cats
8:03 lopta: Wait, we haven’t had our moment of Zener!
8:03 socket11: ringtone yes!
8:03 kentkb: Now hungery ….
8:03 javajini: fruity oaty MOSFET!
8:04 yachris: MOSFET!
8:04 va3uxb: Meow!
8:04 Zadster: Meow _o/
8:04 Marty200: Thanks guys.
8:04 socket11: I WANT TO KILL!!! LOL
8:04 mark8675: doesn’t MOSFET look like he want’s to live in a hollowed out volcano?
8:04 Miaximus: Love the cat!
8:04 georgegraves: whoops
8:04 jersagfast: lol
8:04 thoughtfix: Q: for MOSFET: Do you want tweeting pet dishes too?
8:04 Miaximus: lol
8:04 brianez21: hello kitten
8:04 excavatoree: 1G test
8:04 Zadster: Prrrrrm!
8:04 rougenaxela: Meow!
8:04 socket11: Again hes pissed!
8:04 brianez21: meow
8:04 t3h_blu3_cruies3r: HE MADE NOISE
8:04 brianez21: NYAN
8:04 kentkb: your Moment of Mosssss
8:04 Miaximus: His eyes are huge – he is un-amuzed :
8:04 javajini: he comments!
8:04 drenboy: omg thats a circuit ahaaha
8:04 unsigned_bool: Wheres my zener
8:04 Miaximus: πŸ˜€
8:04 brianez21: ZENERRRRR
8:04 Angelbane: Thank you
8:04 Miaximus: Great Show1!
8:04 lopta: ZENER! πŸ™‚
8:04 jersagfast: Thanks Guys (girls)!
8:04 gwolverine: ty
8:04 socket11: Thanks Gorge!
8:04 bcanon: Great show! Thnx guys!
8:04 yachris: thanks!
8:04 javajini: bye
8:04 lopta: YAY! πŸ™‚
8:04 fennec: ty!
8:04 t3h_blu3_cruies3r: Bye guys!
8:04 rougenaxela: Poor Mosfet
8:04 rougenaxela: lol
8:04 Len17: Thanks guys!
8:04 georgegraves: And we’re out – great show!
8:04 mark8675: zener zener zener
8:04 SierraNevada1: thanks, great show…..
8:04 kentkb: Thanx y’all
8:04 excavatoree: Thanks all, (now I can’t get that song out of my head)
8:05 Miaximus: Have a great week!
8:05 rougenaxela: Good show, lol
8:05 drenboy: thanks all!
8:05 t3h_blu3_cruies3r: fruity oaty nightmare tonight…
8:05 onebutton: mo owaruno!
8:05 lopta: Looks like the barrel of this meter is about 70mm across
8:05 drenboy: omg this shld be the theme song
8:05 socket11: Great show! Thank You all. Seee you next week!
8:05 lopta: I’ll see if I can’t find something to draw around.

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