ASK AN ENGINEER 7/30/2011 (video)

ASK AN ENGINEER 7/30/2011 (video). Text log after the jump…

7:03 mark8675: People of Earth we felines mean you no harm
7:03 mjbnz: back
7:03 Zadster: Its Managercat
7:03 ashleyvansteenacker: ok nice
7:03 Dosbomber: Evil BossCat
7:03 ADAbot: woo!
7:04 ADAbot: next show is live πŸ™‚
7:04 Joebanks: Wu.
7:04 wtfwtfdef: hi
7:04 Miaximus-1: Cool!
7:04 Duckie58: Hi All!
7:04 yachris: hey
7:04 delozfamily: Hi Lady Ada and Adabot
7:04 mjusticz: Hallo!
7:04 Len17: Hi
7:04 wtfwtfdef: did anyone just see a whole buncvh of people in a google plus?
7:04 socket11: Hello All!
7:04 albertstraub: Pointy eared boss cat.
7:04 Miaximus-1: Good ol Mr. Ford!
7:04 wtfwtfdef: was that some kind of aska na ngineer tesest thing ?
7:04 wtfwtfdef: the future of ask an anengineer
7:05 ashleyvansteenacker: no kits
7:05 mjusticz: ?Q
7:05 yachris: it’s a show-n-tell thing
7:05 mjusticz: *?!
7:05 yachris: From 9:30 est
7:05 Maz60525: Hi
7:05 physics_dude: Do we have video? I haz no video.
7:05 mark8675: tweezers are HOT
7:05 paperkettle: Hi!
7:05 paperkettle: bah
7:05 paperkettle: ustream was not cooperating for a while there
7:05 georgegraves: jam packed show!
7:05 ashleyvansteenacker: jeeeeey
7:05 AngrySpinach: I want to ask!!!
7:05 mark8675: Hi Mosfet
7:05 yachris: physics: Yup, video today (YAY)!
7:05 addidis: cheers
7:05 Miaximus-1: Woo!
7:05 Miaximus-1: lol
7:05 Tekee: I. Love. Cats.
7:06 AngrySpinach: Why is my name pink!!!!
7:06 mjusticz: Good job with the camera, guys!
7:06 paperkettle: I was chris, the guy with the codebending instrument
7:06 ashleyvansteenacker: drink belgium beer
7:06 jmcglinn: I have a Kolsh tonight
7:06 Miaximus-1: New stuff is good πŸ™‚
7:06 Tekee: Here’s to chill week!
7:06 ashleyvansteenacker: make live
7:06 Dosbomber: wtf: Half hour Google+ show “Show-n-Tell” has been going on for 3 weeks now. You should check it out, it’s hackers showing off their projects in a live stream.
7:06 HackedGadgets: Darn, missed it
7:06 robotjohn: and makerfaire is at the ford!
7:06 georgegraves: 3 weeks
7:06 HackedGadgets: lol
7:06 Tekee: I love shows where the hosts can drink beer if they want to.
7:06 physics_dude: Come on! Stream won’t load…
7:07 wtfwtfdef: ford was a nazi
7:07 HackedGadgets: Q; is it recorded?
7:07 jersagfast: with an fm soundtrack
7:07 Zadster: Gran’pa Fried
7:07 AngrySpinach: they send photos back and forth
7:07 drenboy: over 2400baud ;p
7:07 jersagfast: yes, it’s recorded
7:07 Dosbomber: The Show-n-Tell is live
7:07 AngrySpinach: 1 baud
7:07 drenboy: lol
7:07 saytest-1: the limit of hangout is just 10 πŸ™
7:07 Dosbomber: Oh, it’s recorded as it happens, but not pre-recorded.
7:07 wtfwtfdef: i was on smoke signal binary 10,000 years ago
7:07 AngrySpinach: It was called “the postal system”
7:07 Zadster: back in the olde days, everyone had to do Show n Tell over Morse telegraph
7:07 wtfwtfdef: the man who invented the wheel used it as a ornament before finding a function
7:08 drenboy: lol they called it hackerspace teepee ;p
7:08 Tekee: We can deal with the adversity.
7:08 AngrySpinach: the town crier would relay my show n tell message
7:08 mark8675: Don’t cross the Ustream
7:08 AngrySpinach: lol
7:08 drenboy: nuuuu
7:08 Hashiba_: You might be able to do that with “syphon”
7:08 wtfwtfdef: lool @drenboy
7:08 Tekee: MORE POWER!!!
7:08 scott-42: If your using a mac, use CamTwist for video and WireTap Anywhere for the audio
7:08 ashleyvansteenacker: olove apple
7:08 JMartinez9: use a desktop!
7:08 raysolomon: Mac? LOL
7:08 johngineer: lol semaphore show and tell
7:08 ipadfanboysf: Doesn’t everyone need a giant Mac Pro… ?
7:08 yachris: lol mark
7:08 drenboy: I’m givin it all she’s got cap’tn
7:08 jersagfast: I have a 27″ iMac with an i7 that DEVOURS video. πŸ™‚
7:08 AngrySpinach: Hot glue some processors on
7:08 JMartinez9: whith ATI6970
7:08 foxxtrotalpha: d
7:08 JMartinez9: πŸ˜€
7:08 georgegraves: Q: You’ll want a virtual web cam software – but it might mess with ustream.
7:08 AngrySpinach: MAKE IT TWEET!!!!
7:08 Miaximus-1: q: Lion is Awesome
7:09 jersagfast: yup
7:09 SierraNevada1: I love my my macbook pro
7:09 ashleyvansteenacker: me to
7:09 mjusticz: Thanks george!
7:09 AngrySpinach: Lion is deeply awesome
7:09 physics_dude: C’mon, my stream won’t load on any browser.
7:09 georgegraves: Thanks!
7:09 socket11: Very cool, Good job!
7:09 ransomhall: patch bea!
7:09 ipadfanboysf: Thanks, I always wondered how that’s pronounced.
7:09 AngrySpinach: I hacked my alarm clock to acutally wake me up for this!!!
7:09 wtfwtfdef: the way its spelt, its pronounnced pa-kube-bee
7:09 drenboy: its a flu-virus soundalike
7:09 SierraNevada1: dual video is kind of iffy sometimes though
7:09 ADAbot: george: yah, virtual web cams with ustream and google+ hangout don’t work
grySpinach: Tekee “DA” bomb you mean
7:11 ADAbot: we all need to make a wiki or something for the video stuff
7:11 AngrySpinach: yes
7:11 addidis: yeah and perhaps design some sort of audio mixer
7:11 jersagfast: good idea.
7:12 AngrySpinach: video vednesday
7:12 AngrySpinach: or wideo wednesday
7:12 Len17: No Zednesday is Zencart.
7:12 ransomhall: tried thingspeak… nice graphing
7:12 Len17: I think they’ve run out of days.
7:12 ashleyvansteenacker: no kits
7:12 AngrySpinach: waskawy wabbit
7:12 drenboy: wideonesday ;p
7:12 wtfwtfdef: mail is dead
7:12 wtfwtfdef: eventually you’ll just recdeive a 3d printer file to your local 3d printer
7:12 drenboy: parcels aren’t dead tho
7:12 ashleyvansteenacker: the same in belgium
7:12 AngrySpinach: Streaming Saturday
7:12 socket11: Ugly stamps!
7:13 jersagfast: Blog post:
7:13 jersagfast:
7:13 raysolomon: last time I mailed a letter was 10 years ago
7:13 AngrySpinach: what is mail?
7:13 wtfwtfdef: the postal system is dead like cd’s, and the way books will be
7:13 wtfwtfdef: dead as doornails
7:13 mjusticz: That’s an exaggeration
7:13 AngrySpinach: Sort of like 3d tvs in 5 years
7:13 mjusticz: How else would you get things you bought online?
7:13 socket11: Boo! LOL
7:13 wtfwtfdef: there will always be a niche market
7:13 Dosbomber: UPS
7:13 wtfwtfdef: like for vinyle
7:13 mjusticz: You need a shipping infrastructure
7:13 mjusticz: and you can’t leave that to private companies
7:14 Zadster: post office closures here in the UK is a big deal too
7:14 ransomhall: gah! dont make me go to walmart
7:14 wtfwtfdef: you can still pick up vynle lp’s and make tube-amps for the instrument qualities
7:14 drenboy: we need a service which provides APIs to the mail services
7:14 socket11: Wal-mart will have everything in 10 years.
7:14 jmcglinn: seven11 in canada
7:14 mjusticz: UPS could then dictate whatever cost they wanted…
7:14 Miaximus-1: I’m sure we’ll loose Saturday USPS soon
7:14 mjusticz: ending usps is creating a monopoly
7:14 yachris: Well, there’s fedex too
7:14 jersagfast: They are going postal!
7:14 mjusticz: or price fixing could occur between fedex and ups
7:15 jmcglinn: i want to see the sorting machines
7:15 ipadfanboysf: I’ve been really impressed with how fast Priority Mail from Adafruit arrives in SF. Same as UPS 3 day air.
7:15 Joebanks: DHL lost too many US customer’s shipments for me to ever use them again
7:15 ransomhall: letters to santa go where?
7:15 danmongeau: if you have the oppourtunity, or call around, team up with a local business who may be pushing enough volume with UPS or FedEx and have good discounts.. makes a BIG difference.
7:15 wtfwtfdef: mail will go the way of the ponyexpress
7:15 drenboy: that picture loos so happy
7:15 drenboy: *looks
7:15 saytest-1: they have specialized imaging tech for OCRing address
7:15 raysolomon: look closer
7:15 wtfwtfdef: once digital printing becomes more real, and the atoms will create the actual molecule, so the same molecular weight and strentght of material is there
7:16 georgegraves: blog post:
7:16 Miaximus-1: No I don’t think it will ever completely go away, the Government needs the ability for us to mail things To them
7:16 addidis: cheers
7:16 Miaximus-1: UPS/Fedex are great for Inboud, but you still need Outbound for taxes, etc.
7:16 drenboy: oh that’s cool
7:16 AngrySpinach: Q: Is the post office in the states private or national???
7:16 bob_mct: interesting
7:16 Dosbomber: Federal
7:16 socket11: National
7:16 zerth: half and half
7:16 AngrySpinach: cool
7:16 jmcglinn: NYC to westcoast is slowish
7:16 Zadster: big hub in Memphis too
7:16 johngineer: yeah it’s privatized but with a federal mandate
7:16 ashleyvansteenacker: qustoms 90 das
7:16 jersagfast: i heart NY
7:16 ransomhall: the other half is funded by junkmail
7:16 zerth: it needs to cover its own funding, but is run by the gov
7:17 mjusticz: or a dead body
7:17 jersagfast: Like the parts soldered..
7:17 socket11: Cool idea!
7:17 Zadster: I’m a saddo, I love tracking parcels from half way around the world
7:17 jersagfast: in the RS pic
7:17 mjusticz: just sayin’
7:17 drenboy: Zadster – me 2 lol
7:17 AngrySpinach: tracking systems are the bane of my life
7:17 saytest-1: anchorage, AK is a big air shipping hub to Asia
7:17 AngrySpinach: I cannot look away
7:18 jersagfast: Congrats guys!!!
7:18 drenboy: who writes their own mail website scraper? πŸ˜›
7:18 georgegraves: Blog post@adafruit in a @radioshack ad…. well, USB Boarduino :):
7:18 LawOfAnalog: test!
7:18 AngrySpinach: sue them now!!!!
7:18 AngrySpinach: LITIGATION
7:18 Zadster: hehe fair use
7:18 AngrySpinach: damn
7:18 physics_dude: neither my computer nor my phone can display this stream, this never happened to me before… Who devided by zero?!?!?!
7:18 jersagfast: lol
7:18 AngrySpinach: Sorry I typed google into google
7:18 daidny: divide*
7:18 johngineer: even without fair use… why sue them?
7:18 georgegraves: Fourm post : “iCufflinks improved battery life code change”
7:18 johngineer: waste of time + money
7:18 AngrySpinach: for the hell of it!
7:19 yachris: physics_dude: Yeah, I could NOT connect last week… it’s sad
7:19 addidis: they are not sony
7:19 physics_dude: @daidny, rage type…
7:19 ransomhall: pricey little buggers
7:19 AngrySpinach: sony will sue you for touching a pcb
7:19 mjusticz: You know what’s hilarious? You guys just released a software update for cufflinks
7:19 ransomhall: those cuffers
7:19 AngrySpinach: heh
7:19 addidis: adafruit WANTS you to hack their stuff.
7:19 socket11: It draws anyway.
7:19 johngineer: yupyup
7:19 ransomhall: yh, free QA
7:19 raysolomon: slowing the clock cycle too
7:20 mjusticz: Have you guys ever thought about sticking a GPS tracker under a UPS truck?
7:20 ADAbot: the necklace version comes out in about 2 weeks
7:20 LawOfAnalog: What’s the ICC on the uC?
7:20 drenboy: this is really cool!
7:20 ashleyvansteenacker: miny boost hack for ipad
7:20 AngrySpinach: You way be arrested
7:20 jersagfast: Quality is job 1.
7:20 ransomhall: nice on the necklace
7:20 addidis: have you priced them yet?
7:20 mjusticz: True, but it would be sooooo convenient
7:20 socket11: Thats done woth gps and fleet
7:20 ADAbot: less than $100 for sure πŸ™‚
7:20 AngrySpinach: necklaces!!!
7:20 addidis: nice +1
7:20 AngrySpinach: +100000000
7:21 paperkettle: I hate pwm flicker!
7:21 paperkettle: such a bane of existence
7:21 scott-42: an ATtiny4
7:21 socket11: Hey you know me!
7:21 AngrySpinach: will the necklace blend?
7:21 addidis: q: do you think the enhanced firmware will flicker?
7:21 ADAbot: doesnt seem flickery
7:21 addidis: nice
7:21 ADAbot: still looks good
7:21 ashleyvansteenacker: true
7:21 ransomhall: try spining it like a POV! ha
7:22 AngrySpinach: I need to update my burger
7:22 ADAbot: ring “maybe”
7:22 jersagfast: guys in suits with FTDI cables..
7:22 paperkettle: sorry if this got spammed earlier, but Im not sure if ustream actually posted: my google+ acount for updates on codebending/illucia:
7:22 Miaximus-1: Cool πŸ™‚
7:22 Zadster: Im waiting patiently for the watch project πŸ™‚
7:22 paperkettle: err. typo fail..
7:22 HackedGadgets: Need to put a JTAG on the cufflinks!
7:22 mark8675: woot woot HOT tweezers!!!!!
7:22 AngrySpinach: yay
7:23 raysolomon: cufflinks for shoelaces? possible idea
7:23 paperkettle: woo! those look sweet
7:23 johngineer: I think it’s ISP, Alan
7:23 georgegraves: Hot tweezers:
7:23 georgegraves: ^tutorial
7:23 ransomhall: skinny tipped hot tweezers?
7:23 HackedGadgets: Right you are John. πŸ™‚
7:23 AngrySpinach: Q: Do you know if those tweezers work with the SP200?
7:23 Dosbomber: No more screwing around trying to remove ICs
7:23 ADAbot: the wearable projects include: cufflinks, necklace, watch, tie clip, wallet, shows…
7:23 addidis: q: did you notice the Ubertooth one , an opensource tool made an fbi tech newsleter?
7:23 saytest-1: i guesssed that these are metcals
7:23 mjusticz: Q:for EXTREME EYEBROWS?
7:23 ADAbot: er, shoes, bags
7:23 paperkettle: sweeet
7:23 Miaximus-1: Cool, I’ve never seen these used
7:23 paperkettle: can I pluck tin whiskers?
7:23 mjusticz: stream just froze for me
7:24 ransomhall: unabrow remover
7:24 jersagfast: ouch!
7:24 SierraNevada1: nice….
7:24 ashleyvansteenacker: an i cat
7:24 physics_dude: >:( RAGE FACE!!! CAN’T SEE STREAM!!!
7:24 johngineer: JTAG is so clunky anyway… why does my MSP430 need 14 pins to program? typical TI overkill
7:24 ADAbot: :: Welcome to the weekly adafruit “ask an engineer chat” ::
7:24 ADAbot: :: for all the makers here – use the code “FORD” to get 10% off many kits!
7:24 ADAbot: :: at the end of the hour we will have a special giveaway!
7:24 mark8675: don’t move then it won’t hurt so much Muhahahahaha!!!!
7:24 ethanal: Q: Those look really big. Is it hard to pick up small components?
7:24 ADAbot: :: What is ASK AN ENGINEER? From the electronics enthusiast to the professional community ‚ Ask an Engineer has a little bit of everything for everyone. If you’re a beginner, or an seasoned engineer ‚ stop in and see what we’re up to! We have demos of projects and products we’re working on, we answer you engineering and electronics questions and we have a trivia question + give away each week. To see previous chat event vid
7:24 ADAbot: please visit
7:24 mjusticz: Is the stream consistantly freezing for anyone else?
7:24 johngineer: no
7:24 Duckie58: no
7:24 mjusticz: ok
7:24 addidis: no
7:24 jersagfast: New camera! πŸ™‚
7:24 mjusticz: thanks
7:24 saytest-1: a metcal heats up in something like less than 5seconds
7:24 raysolomon: no
7:24 AngrySpinach: niet
7:24 yachris: no
7:24 albertstraub: not freezing here
7:25 Zadster: stream is fine here
7:25 johngineer: I just leave my soldering iron on 24 hours a day.
7:25 Miaximus-1: Ahhhhh
7:25 Miaximus-1: Wild!
7:25 johngineer: even when I go on vacation. just in case.
7:25 jersagfast: lol
7:25 JMartinez9: Q: what does a pair of those tweezers run?
7:25 Miaximus-1: Sweet
7:25 HackedGadgets: Nice
7:25 jersagfast: nice.
7:25 raysolomon: neat
7:25 yachris: wow!
7:25 ADAbot: about $150
7:25 Joebanks: Is she putting pressure on, or is there a spring loaded system?
7:25 albertstraub: After working in consumer electronics I unplug everything before I go on vacation for fear it will burn down my house.
7:26 saytest-1: metcals are big $$$
7:26 Dosbomber: I’m hoping that’s for the full system, not just the tweezer tips
7:26 JMartinez9: Q: are there any low cost tweezer options? DIY version?
7:26 paperkettle: nice
7:26 socket11: Does it damage the compnet taken off?
7:26 saytest-1: check out used metcals
7:26 socket11: componet?
7:26 addidis: perhaps even scrounging stuff from junk easily
7:26 albertstraub: Does solder wick work?
7:26 ransomhall: adjustable temp?
7:26 raysolomon: :Q possible heat damage?
7:27 johngineer: some things you should just buy.
7:27 jersagfast: Tweasermans + lighter
7:27 yachris: Solder wick works great… for one thing at a time πŸ™‚
7:27 addidis: I saw a writeup of sticking copper bars on a solder tip for similar effect
7:27 wtfwtfdef: DIY lowcost version is the one where you take two bread knives and stick them in a element or in a fire till red hot, then use them to grab the componnent
7:27 saytest-1: metcals use smartheat technology
7:27 jersagfast: q: adjustable temp?
7:27 saytest-1: the tips are temp rated
7:28 jersagfast: thx!
7:28 physics_dude: q: what are the main topics today? (no stream for me)
7:29 yachris: Demo’d solder-tweezers removing a chip
7:29 mjbnz: what’s soddering? πŸ˜‰
7:29 Miaximus-1: Most definitely
7:29 georgegraves: TUTORIAL: Micro SD card- Using SD cards with an Arduino!:
7:29 yachris: Now showing a SD card adapter
7:29 ashleyvansteenacker: and you steal the image from bill gates
7:29 jersagfast: VERY nice work on the SD stuff!
7:30 albertstraub: What does that chip do?
7:30 georgegraves: Download the library :
7:30 addidis: level shifter
7:30 jersagfast: great library!
7:30 albertstraub: Ah..
7:30 jersagfast: level shifter
7:30 socket11: SD as storage for image flash.
7:30 saytest-1: Q: the sd card breakout has a level shift?
7:30 yachris: DEFINITELY worth it!
7:30 Zadster: SD cards use 3.3v, Arduinos use 5v
7:30 jersagfast: did she just call me fat?
7:30 ransomhall: support SDHC?
7:30 AngrySpinach: I forgot the 3v thing once
7:30 AngrySpinach: smoke
7:31 jersagfast: ouch..
7:31 wtfwtfdef: sd you usually want xfat
7:31 Dosbomber: eeek
7:31 raysolomon: sdhc version would be nice
7:31 JMartinez9: Q: sdfat support file creation date time and modified date time, are you gonna provide a example code?
7:31 albertstraub: Where can you get the spec for SD cards?
7:31 ransomhall: some cards seem to work better than others… dont go cheap
7:31 georgegraves: MicroSD card breakout board+ – v1:
7:31 saytest-1: Q: SDHC?
7:31 addidis: sd association has the protocols
7:31 AngrySpinach: Q: Could you use this instead of a data logging shield?
7:32 raysolomon: nice
7:32 jersagfast: yes, see tutorial
7:32 AngrySpinach: is sdhc just faster sd
7:32 ADAbot: (yep, sdhc)
7:32 ashleyvansteenacker: stolen from bill
7:32 ransomhall: high capacity
7:32 Zadster: larger capacity
7:32 raysolomon: higher capacity
7:32 AngrySpinach: oh
7:32 ransomhall: >2Gb
7:32 AngrySpinach: hyper cool
7:32 Dosbomber: What was “stolen” from Bill Gates?
7:33 yachris: 640k πŸ™‚
7:33 Zadster: Its a nightmare getting information about accessing SD cards in fast mode
7:33 jersagfast: lol
7:33 addidis: or if it is triggered externally
7:33 johngineer: higher cost
7:33 ashleyvansteenacker: the image of the sd card
7:33 Improviser: Q : Use it to record servo position data?
7:33 Dosbomber: lol
7:33 paperkettle: Q: This board is perfect for a project I have in mind – random side question – have you ever considered a breakout for AT90USB1286 like the one you have for ATMEGA32U4?
7:33 ransomhall: SDHC realtively cheap
7:33 AngrySpinach: ninjas
7:33 ransomhall: per Mb
7:33 jersagfast: Mac OSX, oh wait, nevermind..
7:33 AngrySpinach: watch out for ninjas
7:33 wtfwtfdef: or a max232
7:33 albertstraub: Must have one.
7:33 paperkettle: I’d love to be all open source but the project I have in mind would be teensy++
7:34 socket11: BEER RUN!
7:34 JMartinez9: Q: does the sd board/library support full speed read/write to card?
7:34 wtfwtfdef: beer is for girls
7:34 wtfwtfdef: vodka&coke ftw
nsteenacker: bumpers on the arduino
7:41 mark8675: rubber buggy baby bumpers!
7:41 Fightcube: rubber baby buggy bumpers πŸ˜‰
7:41 yachris: Spammers are relentless. I run a site with a contact form, lots of code to keep spammers out, they still figure it out.
7:42 AngrySpinach: I have no bumpers πŸ™
7:42 albertstraub: AngrySpinach – Exactly! Way too much time.
7:42 Zadster: aka Feet
7:42 johngineer: another thing to remember is that the ADC values fill a 16-bit field with 10-bits of data, so you’re sending 2 bytes instead of one, so cut that number in half again…
7:42 georgegraves: PART FINDER FRIDAY – Rubber bumpers:[]=bumper
7:42 socket11: These rock!
7:42 yachris: All to spam two or three people… sad…
7:42 ADAbot: :: Welcome to the weekly adafruit “ask an engineer chat” ::
7:42 ADAbot: :: for all the makers here – use the code “FORD” to get 10% off many kits!
7:42 LawOfAnalog: What’s wrong with rubber bumpers? They have feelings too. The workhorse of the lab.
7:42 ADAbot: :: at the end of the hour we will have a special giveaway!
7:42 Fightcube: jinx mark!
7:42 AngrySpinach: I can has bumper
7:42 Dosbomber: Goldilocks bumpers
7:42 johngineer: and you get around 12-15 samples per second…
7:42 jersagfast: sparkfun got it’s name from NOT using those
7:42 jmcglinn: I think the netduino guys are using the same ones too
7:42 drenboy: rubber baby mcmaster bumper ;p
7:42 socket11: Great for your project box
7:42 johngineer: sorry if i’m carrying on.
7:42 LapsusAntepedis: lol if the giveaway is nothing but a pile of bumpers…
7:42 jersagfast: toasted $100 board
7:42 georgegraves: McMaster link:
7:42 yachris: Rubber Baby buggy gunker… dang… πŸ™‚
7:42 wtfwtfdef: the DIY for rubber bumpers is bits of chewing gum rolled in sawdust
7:42 yachris: πŸ™‚
7:42 paperkettle: Nice addition! Those are great
7:43 jersagfast: those ARE great, thank you.
7:43 dustynrobots: haha yeah i think maybe i got 12 max
7:43 Dosbomber: DIY Silicone caulking glob, maybe
7:43 Overkillaudioinc: love that gerber viewer!
7:43 Fightcube: Pentalogix Viewmate is one I use πŸ˜‰
7:43 Rougenaxela: Mcmaster Carr doesn’t ship to Canada. I wonder what a good source for Canada is hm. Haven’t searched yet though
7:44 socket11: Last mod!
7:44 JMartinez9: Q: does the eagle file/gerber file contain info on the PCB thickness??
7:44 georgegraves: SOFTWARE SUNDAY – Gerber Viewers:
7:44 JMartinez9: Q: where would I have thin PCB’s made??
7:44 ashleyvansteenacker: yeeeey
7:44 jersagfast: CHEESE!
7:44 wtfwtfdef: DJosbomber: maybe for a 24 hour wait time sol’\n’, instant is gum&sawdust
7:44 ADAbot: we like advanced circuits for our pcbs
7:44 Rougenaxela: JM: I know seeedstudio makes some relatively thin PCBs
7:44 Miaximus-1: Just got one! This is awesome looking!
7:44 ashleyvansteenacker: no pal version
7:44 AngrySpinach: yay camer
7:44 AngrySpinach: a
7:45 albertstraub: Cool! Something to attach to the microscope!
7:45 mjusticz: Q: Does the camera have any built in buffer?
7:45 AngrySpinach: d’oh
7:45 socket11: Screaming circuits is good too
7:45 jersagfast: seeedstudio PCB’s == cheep.
7:45 johndowdell: i use GerbMagic on windows
7:45 jersagfast: (cost)
7:45 ashleyvansteenacker: nice
7:45 tdad1811: Love the camera!
7:45 SierraNevada1: wooo camera….
7:45 socket11: Depended on the circuit
7:45 Miaximus-1: Very glad they added one of these
7:45 AngrySpinach: Q: Where can I find example images?
7:46 socket11: Cost?
7:46 ADAbot: angry we are going to post them shortly
7:46 georgegraves: Product page – TTL Serial JPEG Camera with NTSC Video –
7:46 jersagfast: $42
7:46 ericwertz: uncompressed images and/or JPEG?
7:46 TheAmazingOperaMan: Is there a PAL version?
7:46 JMartinez9: Q: night vidion?
7:46 Miaximus-1: I love it
7:46 jersagfast: not yet..
7:46 ADAbot: no PAL version (yet)
7:46 JMartinez9: vision
7:46 TheKnerd: Q: can you capture live video?
7:46 Overkillaudioinc: wahts the low level lux?
7:46 albertstraub: I wonder what they use in cell phones?
7:46 georgegraves: We have a fairly full-featured Arduino library with examples that demonstrate how to use the camera :
7:47 Overkillaudioinc: low light lux sheesh
7:47 wtfwtfdef: the police are here
7:47 wtfwtfdef: their outside
7:47 socket11: has to run through something else
7:47 jersagfast: cops?
7:47 Overkillaudioinc: it’s NYC the police are everywhere
7:47 SierraNevada1: oh oh,,,,,,
7:47 Miaximus-1: Can tell they are in NYC πŸ™‚
7:47 Dosbomber: Welcome to NYC
7:47 ashleyvansteenacker: police for the cat
7:47 Miaximus-1: lol
7:47 raysolomon: lol
wtfwtfdef flushes his weed
7:47 tdad1811: cheese it…the cops.
7:47 AngrySpinach: Their onto me?
7:47 Zadster: Its Mosfet’s police escort
7:47 mark8675: oh noooo !!! the cops are gonna get us!!!!
7:47 Overkillaudioinc: and there is a police station not far from there
7:47 AngrySpinach: !!
7:47 ericwertz: sigh, need uncompressed
7:47 drenboy: grab the cat! :p
7:47 albertstraub: Thank you NYC police!
7:47 HackedGadgets: the cops are looking for the hackers
7:47 AngrySpinach: You’ll never take me pigs
7:47 Miaximus-1: Cool
7:47 jersagfast: or led’s?
7:47 jersagfast: ir..
7:47 mjusticz: Q: Could you use this with the SD on the datalogger shield?
7:48 jersagfast: see tutorial
7:48 ADAbot: yup!
7:48 AngrySpinach: Q: Should I buy one?
7:48 Miaximus-1: Nice
7:48 tdad1811: did you mention LUX and resolution?
7:48 jersagfast: yup
7:48 jersagfast: vga
7:48 jersagfast: 640X480
7:48 socket11: set up to take shot ant motion intervals?
7:48 georgegraves: Image size: VGA(640*480), QVGA(320*240), QQVGA(160*120)
7:48 mjusticz: Haha DEFINITELY not 30
7:48 AngrySpinach: 30 would cost thousands of dollars
7:48 AbrahamFroman: .3
7:48 jersagfast: the microcontroller can
7:49 Zadster: lol even my SLR is nowhere near 30
7:49 AngrySpinach: it’s a hasselblad
7:49 fightcube: q: how fast can you save pics to the SD card, like how many per second?
7:49 Zadster: prob 1.3
7:49 wtfwtfdef: does hasselblad make digital backs?
7:49 macman320: do you think you could do video analysis with this for edge detection and object tracking on a beagleboard? with processing power to spare?
7:49 AngrySpinach: yes
7:49 wtfwtfdef: i thoguht they only made 50mm 4-shot backs
7:49 AngrySpinach: they make the best
7:49 Joebanks: Isn’t LUX a rather arbitrary unit of measurement?
7:49 wtfwtfdef: for bronix
7:49 socket11: What microcontroller do you recommed?
7:49 AbrahamFroman: probably 640×480
7:49 jersagfast: arduino!
7:49 physics_dude: I cant see the stream, but i do want that camera.
7:49 AngrySpinach: they make digitasl back compatible with the v series and d series
7:49 mjusticz: Q: Do you have a bin full of camera modules that didn’t pass the tests?
7:49 fightcube: q: does the camera buffer the whole image though first?
7:50 mjusticz: fightcube: yes
7:50 zv470: how hard would it be to remove it’s IR cut filter?
7:50 Miaximus-1: lol
7:50 ashleyvansteenacker: gif it away
7:50 jersagfast: tonights prize?
7:50 physics_dude: What is the “It’s not out yet so don’t ask” segment amout today? (no stream)
7:50 barroni: tonites giveaway bin fill of cameras
7:50 Overkillaudioinc: holy giant hands
7:50 fightcube: Q: threads for lenses or lens options?
7:51 mjusticz: physics_dude: hasn’t happened yet
7:51 physics_dude: oh
7:51 AngrySpinach: Q: Are the photos of cell phone quality?
7:51 delozfamily: Q: manually adjustable focus? is this electronically controllable?
7:51 mjusticz: whoah we’re gonna be short on time today πŸ˜€
7:51 georgegraves: Q: What kind of product are these cameras used for in?
7:51 zv470: πŸ™‚ very cool.
7:51 AngrySpinach: hasselblad cellphone
7:51 socket11: Fish eye lens and covert camersa!
7:51 tdad1811: 5V?
7:52 jersagfast: Back up camera for SUV
7:52 mk007: Q: Could you post an example image from the camera?
7:52 AngrySpinach: StalkerCam
7:52 drenboy: lol i msread that as hasselhoff camera
7:52 ADAbot: mk: we will on sunday
7:52 daidny: Good idea
7:52 mjusticz: Q: What attributes do you look for in a camera like this? What makes it not a good fit for arduino?
7:52 JMartinez9: Q:maximum res?
7:52 mark8675: Refrigerator security can’t trust your roommate?
7:52 wtfwtfdef: Q: so is the camera battery friendly then? it doesn’t draw that much current?
7:52 socket11: Microcontroller?
7:52 georgegraves: Operating voltage: DC +5VCommunication: 3.3V TTL (Three wire TX, RX, GND)
7:53 fightcube: q: is this a unique product? any other cameras out there with serial output?
7:53 georgegraves: YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7:53 yachris: DAYSDA starting… fingerprint scanner!
7:53 JMartinez9: I’ll wait for a camera that does 1024×768
7:53 georgegraves: OMG.
7:53 mjusticz: SWEEEEET
7:53 Miaximus-1: Ooooo
7:53 jersagfast: Nice!
7:53 addidis: nice ,
7:53 AngrySpinach: YAY
7:53 ashleyvansteenacker: nice
7:53 AngrySpinach: COOL
7:53 mark8675: wooooo
7:53 Miaximus-1: Yummy
7:53 AngrySpinach: WANT
7:53 paperkettle: crazy
7:53 tdad1811: TNOw that’s what I’m talking about!!
7:53 ADAbot: and we are making sure it works with the arduino nicely
7:53 AngrySpinach: oh caps lock was on
7:53 socket11: Time clocks also!
7:53 zv470: fav segment πŸ™‚
7:53 yachris: 1900 baud serial
7:53 Miaximus-1: Awesome πŸ™‚
7:53 HackedGadgets: Very cool
7:53 LapsusAntepedis: this would make for a neat hackerspace door locl / login
7:53 AngrySpinach: I can has scanner?
7:53 addidis: Thats awesome, ive been working on hacking my digital persona , ill just grab one of these
7:53 LapsusAntepedis: lock*
7:53 georgegraves: Ok – now I won’t ever need to carry keys. I think this would be awesome for to unlock my house door.
7:53 AngrySpinach: sorta like lenovo
7:54 Miaximus-1: Yes definitely
7:54 AngrySpinach: lol
7:54 Miaximus-1: Lots of cool stuff
7:54 delozfamily: Q: can it tell if the finger has been severed from its owner?
7:54 AngrySpinach: want want want
7:54 smray: that is so cool
7:54 physics_dude: Is this the its not out yet so don’t ask segment? what is it? (no stream)
7:54 Miaximus-1: lol
7:54 AngrySpinach: Angels and Demons
7:54 raysolomon: ha ha
7:54 yachris: physics: don’t ask is a fingerprint scanner
7:54 socket11: No heartbeat sensor.
7:54 johngineer: no. it’s out, and people asked.
7:54 ADAbot: finger print scanner
7:54 Marty200: s
7:54 AngrySpinach: dun dun duh
7:54 johngineer: Did you use your awesome Chinese skillz?
7:54 Ralph_Cramden: Is the I2C level shifter comming soon?
7:54 AngrySpinach: dah dah dah
7:54 physics_dude: oh, do like
7:54 tomasreabe: q: how fast can you write to the data logger? If I wanted to write a 16 byte string to it 33 times a second would that work?
7:54 jmcglinn: something similar to that is on the datacenter’s HID scanner
7:55 ashleyvansteenacker: yeeeey
7:55 ethanal: Q: Can I use 1/4 watt resistors in the Mintyboost version 3? Why did you change from 1/4 watt resistors to 1/8 watt resistors on the version 3?
7:55 AngrySpinach: Q: Are you members of a hackspace?
7:55 fightcube: q: not a question, but a suggestion… make the output of the fingerprint lock SECURE, i.e. you can’t smash it, yank it out of the panel, and short two wires together to unlock
7:55 JMartinez9: just enough to be dangerous!
7:55 JMartinez9: πŸ˜€
7:55 johngineer: They should have covered more electronic components in Firefly
7:55 tdad1811: How is your summer going?
7:55 socket11: Post the symbol for beer!
7:55 Overkillaudioinc: have you played with the new chipkit pic32 arduino board
7:56 macman320: Q: Is it at all possible to use two xbee s2 to wirelessly reflash the bootloader to an arduino pro?
7:56 mark8675: ooooh lasers!!!!
7:56 AngrySpinach: being social though!!!
7:56 childofthehorn: yay Dallas MakerSpace!
7:56 wtfwtfdef: lol ou can just take a clear image of your finger and print it on a clear sheet and you can \scan it across them to acess
7:56 johngineer: can I use it to store all my valuables?
7:56 addidis: it will keep your sister out, it wont keep me out
7:57 socket11: Resistor in line and a controller that reads it
7:57 wtfwtfdef: I think it was on mythbusters they showeed its possible to defeat finger print scanners with just a printer and some clear overhead paper
7:57 fightcube: q: what would be a great RF Tx/Rx module that’s like $5 each for simple projects
7:57 AngrySpinach: Q: Can you trick the scanner with an image of the finger?
7:57 childofthehorn: you could do basic iris detection
7:57 JMartinez9: s2 just came out!
7:57 delozfamily: We would use them as entries to “safe rooms” down here in Texas
7:57 drenboy: q: are you planning to stock netduino mini’s – and any chance you will have a breakout board for the mini?
7:57 ransomhall: sparkfun just came out with new cheapies
7:57 socket11: NO! not in TEXAS
7:57 jmcglinn: sparkfun has something
7:57 scott-42: Hope RMF121B
7:57 Miaximus-1: Ebay
7:57 delozfamily: yep
7:57 ericwertz: great != $5
7:58 johngineer: Can you use the camera to administer a Voight-Kampff test?
7:58 AngrySpinach: Q: Are the olimex usb RFID dongles any good?
7:58 Miaximus-1: You can get tons of good Used Xbee modules on Ebay
7:58 jmcglinn: $4 TX + $5 RX
7:58 ethanal: Q: Where can I get small quantities of less common resistors? (Digikey only sells them in bulk)
7:58 johngineer: I suspect most of the people I know are replicants.
7:58 tomasreabe: Q: what is a good use for PCBs that have been replaced by the next rev?
7:58 fightcube: thanks guys!
7:58 wtfwtfdef: lol@ johngineer
7:58 TheKnerd: Radio Shack
7:58 ransomhall: scrounge parts
7:58 socket11: Sell them
7:58 ericwertz: not great @jmc
7:59 childofthehorn: earrings!
7:59 mooneypilot: Your guys rock!! love your show
7:59 daidny: Whats better to use when connecting arduino to the internet, ethernet shield or xbee transmitters directly connected to a router?
7:59 jmcglinn: Q: have you seen an arduino ethernet sample yet? is it as neat as I hope?
7:59 mjusticz: Q: Do you ever spend a long time popping the bubble wrap behind you?
7:59 ericwertz: can’t use two in the same room without a lot of work
7:59 addidis: hehehehe mj
7:59 LapsusAntepedis: Q: Any thoughts on the femtoduino?
7:59 socket11: I have glass plate eletronic art from a defunked company!
7:59 albertstraub: ransomhall – Definately! Never throw anything away!
7:59 Overkillaudioinc: is there a command to enable an internal pull up resistor in aurduinos?
7:59 AngrySpinach: feminist arduino
7:59 Miaximus-1: ooo
7:59 wtfwtfdef: femoto-cell + arduino?
7:59 Miaximus-1: Nice!
7:59 AngrySpinach: yay
8:00 Joebanks: Henry Ford!
8:00 wtfwtfdef: hook up a femoto cell to a n arduino, i dont think arduino will amke one ever as its probobly kmore a shield thing
8:00 danmongeau: not from the broken bin right??
8:00 tdad1811: Tesla.
8:00 socket11: Chevy!
8:00 reportingsjr: woo
8:00 ransomhall: 42
8:00 delozfamily: Q: I have just finished a x0xb0x build from kit, could you have a registry for these non adafruie (mine was willyzxy) xox’s?
8:00 Miaximus-1: Good luck everyone!
8:00 scott-42: Model T
8:00 ericwertz: Taj Majal
8:00 bob_mct: sarnoff
8:00 ashleyvansteenacker: 1908
8:00 reportingsjr: farnsworh
8:00 AbrahamFroman: farnsworth
8:00 reportingsjr: farnsworth*
8:00 belchor: Saranov?
8:00 Duckie58: calvet deforest
8:00 Overkillaudioinc: sarnoff?
8:00 ashleyvansteenacker: vdf
8:00 Zadster: *cough* nip*mumble*
8:00 tdad1811: ZXYEHVHZZEM
8:00 Hashiba_: Ansel Adams
8:00 robotjohn: nand!
8:00 reportingsjr: philo
8:00 zerth: Q: in cyrillic?
8:00 TMaccius: philo farnsworth
8:00 mjusticz: vladimir zworykin
8:00 socket11: Tolstoy
8:00 ashleyvansteenacker: calvet deforest
8:00 childofthehorn: james beard
8:00 fightcube: vladimir k zworkly
8:00 reportingsjr: philo farnsworth
8:00 granitepenguin: Vladimir Kozmich Zworykin
8:00 IRYS_Tech: camarena
8:00 AngrySpinach: Vladimir K. Zworykin
8:00 Overkillaudioinc: david sarnoff
8:00 Marty200: Vladimir K. Zworykin
8:00 childofthehorn: james lgey beard
8:01 granitepenguin: yay!
8:01 Miaximus-1: ding ding ding!
8:01 Hashiba_: Vladimir K. Zworykin
8:01 childofthehorn: john logey beard
8:01 Duckie58: neat
8:01 Zadster: nice googling πŸ˜‰
8:01 charlie-x: john logie baird
8:01 mjusticz: Full name includes middle name?!?!
8:01 Zadster: I didnt realise he died so recently
8:01 mjusticz: I guess that makes sens
8:01 Miaximus-1: Wow, did not know that
8:01 LapsusAntepedis: Q: – the femtoduino page
8:01 drenboy: i need to google faster ;p
8:01 thereisnocat: casey stengel was also born on July 30
8:01 belchor: Wow, the camera is an appropriate prize then!
8:01 jmcglinn: too bad he didn’t hold on for one more day
8:01 albertstraub: David Sarnoff wasn’t a nice person. just look at what he did to Farnsworth and Anderson.
8:01 addidis: There is a meteor shower this weekend , go out and look up you should see some shooting stars!
8:01 granitepenguin: yup
8:01 ADAbot: granite penguin, email [email protected]
8:01 delozfamily: It’s not the beard on the outside, it is the bear on the inside…..
8:01 saytest-1: i thought John Logie Baird invented the TV
wtfwtfdef grumbles
8:01 paperkettle: Q: Noob bluetooth question: what bt boards are currently the best for making atmega-based devices that can be paired to computers with foolproof ease?
8:02 tdad1811: ?
8:02 wtfwtfdef: alwsys some unkown wins
8:02 tdad1811: q
8:02 childofthehorn: TV is very nice – just dont pay for cable – netflix and hulu your life
8:02 socket11: MOSFET!!!
8:02 Zadster: JLB produced the first commercial TV system
8:02 Joebanks: CatCam!
8:02 barroni: the reason we have so many couch potatos
8:02 Zadster: didnt invent it though
8:02 zv470: congrats granite.
8:02 albertstraub: MOSFET!
8:02 yachris: I won once, and I know me!
8:02 wtfwtfdef: notice they never hear chatting here
8:02 Zadster: Yay Mosfet
8:02 yachris: MOSFET!
8:02 wtfwtfdef: they just chime in for the contest when that regular who is always winning activates his bot
8:02 va3uxb: Meow! πŸ™‚
8:02 paperkettle: dawwww
8:02 moonrzn: MOSFET!
8:02 Miaximus-1: Mosfet! πŸ™‚
8:02 Overkillaudioinc: wahooOO
8:02 mark8675: This is Mosfet, your leader. Dont’ Panic, it’s only a cookbook
8:02 albertstraub: What a great cat!
8:02 Zadster: Chilled as ever
8:02 johndowdell: mosfet will be on the catwalk for the camera
8:02 jarodecap: looks ticked
8:02 fightcube: MEEEOW!
8:02 barroni: does it blend
8:02 Overkillaudioinc: is he an NPN or a PNP cat?
8:02 socket11: Looks like he had a good week!
8:02 TheAmazingOperaMan: Bye MOSFET!
8:03 ashleyvansteenacker: MOSFET
8:03 TheKnerd: he is staring at me!!
8:03 jersagfast: no, no blending..
8:03 drenboy: catwave transmission is complete
8:03 ericwertz: so handsome!
8:03 moonrzn: PNP of course, it is a cat…
8:03 mjbnz: Never twice the same colour!
8:03 johngineer: he’d be N-channel or P-channel
8:03 mooneypilot: Cool name too!
8:03 albertstraub: Great shoW! Thank you!
8:03 Miaximus-1: Great show!!!
8:03 johngineer: he’s a FET after all
8:03 moonrzn: always in the litter box, though
8:03 addidis: have a good weekend guys
8:03 mooneypilot: +1
8:03 tdad1811: happy summer!
8:03 danmongeau: cu next week.. ty.
8:03 paperkettle: thanks again foreverythin!
8:03 AngrySpinach: bye bye
8:03 ashleyvansteenacker: but put te time in cet
8:03 jersagfast: Thanks guys and girls!!!
8:03 yachris: Great show, thanks!
8:03 barroni: i think mosfet reads my mind
8:03 georgegraves: And we are out ———————————
8:03 robotjohn: ahhhh
8:03 fightcube: cheers
8:03 HackedGadgets: thanks guys!
8:03 moonrzn: mmm… zeners….
8:03 Miaximus-1: q: Have more beers and a great Sunday πŸ™‚
8:03 raysolomon: Thanks adafruits people
8:03 smray: thanks
8:03 moonrzn: thank you!
8:03 Nashblackcat: nighyt
8:03 dvnm: thanks guys
8:03 mjusticz: I posted the name first but not the middle name πŸ™
8:03 wtfwtfdef: looks like u guys stopped the workout
8:03 Duckie58: thanks ADAFruit
8:03 Len17: Bye guys
8:03 Overkillaudioinc: LOL
8:03 AngrySpinach: zener
8:03 fightcube: great show guys
8:03 tdad1811: shark week!
8:03 zv470: thank you πŸ™‚ zennur
8:03 wtfwtfdef: no more treadmill times?
8:03 socket11: Great Show! Thank You!!! Good job Gorge!
8:03 Joebanks: There are 3…diodes!
8:03 mjusticz: meh, I’m sure I’ll win eventually
8:03 Nashblackcat: Night
8:03 mjusticz: NIGHT EVERYBODY!
8:03 AngrySpinach: mic still on
8:03 Hashiba_: thank you guys, great show!

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