March 7, 2012 AT 3:33 pm

NEW PRODUCT – Waterproof Polarized 4-Wire Cable Set

NEW PRODUCT – Waterproof Polarized 4-Wire Cable Set. Outdoor enthusiasts rejoice! We now have very useful 4-wire polarized cable sets in a waterproof variety. These cable sets are ideal for projects that must weather the weather: dust, water, rain, snow, tornado (not volcano proof!). Each cable has 4 color-coded conductors (red, black, white yellow) that match between the sides, for easy wiring and connectors are polarized so you can’t plug them in wrong. They are a little bulky the o-ring and removable over-screw. The o-ring is what makes the waterproof seal, and the over-screw keeps the two halves connected solidly


Comes as a set of two cables – one plug and one jack. The total length of the connected cables is 16″ (40cm).


  • Each half has a 7″ long cable (not including the connector part)
  • 16″ total length when plugged together
  • 4-pin polarized connector with 22AWG wires
  • Rated for up to 24VDC, up to 4A per connector
  • 0.58″ (15mm) diameter at widest point
  • 20 grams per set
  • IP67 rated
  • PVC Connector & Jacket

In stock and shipping.

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  1. That’s great – Will come in very handy for those projects exposed to the outdoors (I have ideas about a camera project I’ve been kicking around). Will you be carrying cable glands in the appropriate size for getting the cables in and out of enclosures in a water-resistant manner as well?

  2. @Seamus – can you post some links to some good/reasonably priced ones we can check out?

  3. Cool, are these truely waterproof, or more weather/moisture proof? If they are waterproof whats the depth rating they are waterfroof to, will they surivive a trip to 200feet of sea water?

  4. @kelly – “IP67 rated”
    immersion up to 1 m

  5. Looking in the parts bin, I have some that I got a while back for sealing up coax feeds into some outdoor balun boxes. Digikey part number 377-1631-ND has been keeping them nice and dry through more than two years of exposure:

  6. thanks, we’ll check these out!

  7. Any chance of getting bulkhead connectors to match?

  8. @britt – have links to good, reasonably priced ones that match these?

  9. What’s the name of the connector?

  10. These look exactly like the ones I got from Cool Neon after a suggestion from the AdaFruit Forums. (

    I used them heavily for Logo Glowego, the LED sculpture project I did with 12m of your digital LED strip. They stood up to nearly a week in the east Maui rain/winds. I will recommend them highly… although it would probably be good to get some of waterproof heatshrink tubing to go with these. I found outdoor phone wire works quite well for the longer runs.

    Blog post on LogoGlowego:

  11. @mike “Waterproof Polarized 4-Wire Cable Set”

  12. “@britt – have links to good, reasonably priced ones that match these?”

    Um… I was kinda’ hoping your supplier would have that info???

  13. @adafruit, I know what the product name is that’s obvious, but what’s the name of the connector?

  14. @mike, there isn’t a specific name that we’ve seen, other than “4 pin” or “4 wire”.

  15. @adafruit Did you consider selling this as a male to female cable rather then male and female to pigtails. You could then always make a short male and a long female or use these as extensions without having to solder them back together. The cable would have been more useful that way.

  16. @jacob, thanks for the suggestion!

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