Help us name the Circuit Playground friends

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Help us name the Circuit Playground friends! We have a few names picked out (555 times is Hans for sure) but we’re looking for more ideas 🙂 These little components are all part of the Circuit Playground, a place anyone can visit and learn about electronics. Here are some of the names we’re considering.

  • Capacitor – “Cappy”
  • 555 timer – Hans, named after its inventor
  • Transistor – “Connie” for silicon
  • Red LED – Rudy
  • Green LED – Gus
  • Blue LED – Bluey
  • Resistor – Mho

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  1. LEDs

    Red: Blinky
    Green: Winky
    Blue: Dinky

    (Red LED named in honor of Blinky,the red Pac-Man ghost) 🙂

  2. Blue LED: Bluto?
    Red LED: Ruby?
    Resistor: Che?

  3. Red: Tyfi (like rectify) or Tifi (like Tifani) or Red-it
    Green: Gaga
    Blue: Beamer (or Beemer if you want to dance with infringement)

    Resistor: Aubrac (WWII resistance leader; has that TRIAC type technical feel to it) or Goldie

    Capacitor: Polar or Izzy (polarized)

    Transistor: Sylvia

  4. Transistor: Conrad
    Capacitor: Steve(Closest thing to static I could think of)
    Resistor: Che (as in Che Guevera, or really any other well known resistance leader :P)

  5. LED’s: Rinky, Blinky and Gled

    Capacitor: Cap’n Patch
    Transistor: Kay Tron
    Resistor: Hohmer

  6. Carter and Colin

    Capacitor : Electra-Cutie

  7. most of those are good

    but how about Becky for the transistor
    BEC for base emitter and collector

  8. I think a nod to old computing is in fitting for the leds

    red: blinky
    blue: inky
    green/yellow: clyde

  9. Capacitor: Puff (we actually named our dog Picofarad and call him Puff for short)
    Transistor: Iota (from your post last year about how the transistor got it’s name)

    The obvious name for an inductor (if you had one) would be Henry.

    I second Hans and Mho ideas, I like those. Also the suggestion for Blinky/Winky/Dinky are good too!

  10. transistor – Nip

  11. Capacitor – Conde’ (old school .. condenser)
    Transistor – Sis (short for tran ‘sis’ tor)
    Red LED – Rosso (Italian for ‘red’)
    Green LED – Verde (Italian for ‘green’)
    Blue LED – Sky ( … the sky is ‘blue’)
    Resistor – Bandi

  12. Capacitor is Flux.

    Resistor is Futile.

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