OSHWA: What Is Open Source Hardware?

New PSA from the Open Source Hardware Association (OSHWA): “What is Open Source Hardware?”

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  1. Sparkfun actress talks about bicycles instead of one of the many women in the Open Source Hardware community? Shameful.

  2. @Roger: The point of the video is to explain how and why open source hardware works. It does this by illustrating how ideas can thrive and improve when they’re unencumbered by restriction. It uses the bicycle as an example because it’s something people unfamiliar with the modern OSHW movement can relate to.

    You’ll notice she doesn’t talk about any of the many men in the Open Source Hardware community, either. This isn’t a video to celebrate individuals. It’s a video to celebrate the idea of sharing and explain the concept of OSHW.

  3. more people talking about open-source hardware is always good 🙂 the goal is to be supportive and get more people aware of this awesome movement in sharing electronic designs 🙂 there are lots of analogies to use, we often use “recipes” – everyone can share, improve and use recipes, you can make them at home or pay money for a great experience at a restaurant. we’re sure this is the first of many videos and we’ll see folks like ayah, limor, dustin, caterina, alicia, leah, windell, jay, ardunio, bunnie, etc, etc soon 🙂

  4. I like the concept of this video, but I have 2 complaints:
    1) Please stop fig-leafing! Between that and the fidgety movements with her feet, you really get the impression the woman in the video doesn’t want to be here…
    2)SLOW DOWN. She’s talking too fast, and they’ve edited out breaks in sentences… It makes everything rushed, and underlines the discomfort.

    in summary: good script, bad direction.

  5. Richard,

    I took English Public Speaking and Interpersonal Communication in college. I think she did really well and it isn’t easy for everyone to give a speech, speak to a camera, individuals or an audience.

    Public speaking is also a job where some people are told to give up their indivuality for maximum acceptance so if anyone is annoyed, it is usually the speaker because it is just a job unless they are passionate about the public service announcement.


  6. Anyone can read off a teleprompter. Who made this video?? where are the credits? For Open source advert, video is CLOSED. Can I get a transcript. Btw AdaFruit the captcha does not work on my mobile.

  7. @emile you can turn on CC (closed captioning) it’s machine translated for now but it has some of the text. you may also want to contact: http://www.oshwa.org/ for the full text (would be cool to see it on github!)

  8. @ Roger, this is one of the women in the Open Source Hardware community. She is not an actress. It is pretty insulting that you’d make the assumption that she is an actress and not someone like you or me working on oshw. As John said, this video is meant to educate about the concept of oshw, not the people behind it.

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