Community Corner: Are you ready to be a part of “Future Crew”?

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There are people making amazing things around the world, are you one of them? Join the 54,366 strong! And check out scores of projects they shared this week after the jump!

Featured Community Project: Are you ready to be a part of “Future Crew”!

Future Crew: “Last month we introduced Future Crew, and at the 2013 Interactive Show we finally unveiled the fully mostly operational game stations. There were five stations in the final design, and in keeping with the show’s “Digital Archaeology” theme, each was built from repurposed ancient hardware. The brains of each console was a Raspberry Pi (to connect to the network and draw OpenGL graphics) and some number of Teensy microcontrollers to interface with the real world. Of course, the source is available for you to build your own Future Crew stations!” (read more)

Don’t miss the chance to catch up with great pieces from the community from this past week! Click the link below!

From the Google+ Community

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V.D. Veksler originally shared: “my beautiful 9-months pregnant wife doing her first Arduino project to pass the time before the baby comes. 🙂 ” (read more)


nick wiegand shared: “My son really likes rocks and crystals and also the color red. So I whipped up something for him to show off his crystal we picked up a few weeks ago. It’s a few high output LED’s and a 9v battery. It looks pretty cool and is too bright to look at the LED’s directly without the crystal. #maker” (read more)


Ryan Dey shared: “The build of my Arduino Digital Counter is complete! The next thing to do is learn how to build a see-through acrylic case.” (read more)


chris frost shared: “so guys, think I’m ready to move to the airlock? the bubbled have stopped from the tube in the sanitizing solution.” (read more)


Kurtis Kopf shared: “Just got the first PCBs of my RocketDuino design from OSHPark, and they’re awesome. Now I’ve got to put them together without breaking anything and hope it works. Fingers crossed, since this is my first attempt ever at designing a PCB and soldering so many components. You can also see the breadboard prototype with the breakout boards in the picture. The shield should work with an #Arduino Mega or Due.” (read more)


Jon Sanford shared a number of solar history elements, including this project: “My friend was pioneering solar passive home building 1972 along with his wife, they were very kind to me after a personal change. So I made a Grass Roots instrument to show ‘proof of concept’ for a hot air collector they were experimenting with.” (read more)

StanleySeow 2

Stanley Seow shared: “Pls help to change the colour of my RGB LED strip over the Internet. The system is powered by Electric Imp to the Internet (the wifi SD card) and wirelessly/RF (not wifi) to Arduino via nRF24L01+ RF modules… web page is just a simple JQuery javascript http post connecting to Electric Imp Agents over the Internet… Live webcam. ” (read more)


Hackinformer shared: “Alrighty found my power regulator for 5v for my solar panel charger I’m making.” (read more)

NickShvelidze 2

Nick Shvelidze shared: “Arduino light meter” (read more)


Nikolaus Gradwohl shared: “Today I worked on the RGB led that is going to replace the small lamp that lights the display of my rapspberry pi based car radio for cheri´s VW type 3 wilson. I used an attiny 2313 to control the led. I will interface the microcontroller with I2C and connect the 5 buttons tomorrow. this is my day 19 project for 30daysOfCreativity” (read more)

Matt Heilman shared: “How to make a Bluetooth Cassette that will play music or voice from your computer to a cassette player.” (read more)

TimoNoko 2

Timo Noko shared: “Usb solar charger. No fancy electronics here. The panel charges batteries 2 by 2, as 3 Volts is its optimal load. And when 5 Volt is needed a simple mechanical switch rearranges them all in series.” (read more)

Jack Houweling shared: “Lazy Susan made of only wood.” (read more)

DarrylSokoloski 2

Darryl Sokoloski shared: “It works! IEEE-488 to Bluetooth 🙂 AVR644P controller running as a serial wireless bridge to my laptop… an educational “PET” project in basic electronics.” (read more)


jon sanford shared: “Can one call this an integrated circuit?” (read more)

Mark Miller shared: “X Y Z Linear slides with rotary table. The saga persists…..I ran out of limit switches to build more slides for now, and while I wait for them to arrive(LONG wait from China), I came up with application #2(If you are following any of this). This CNC foam cutter is not revolutionary or anything, but it cuts nice, and got me thinking that I need to add a rotary table to the Z axis so I can cut in 3D. Working on that now, and thankfully it doesn’t need limit switches…..The nichrome setup is #32(only size I had) 3 1/4 inches long stretched between two extension springs, and running on a 5 volt supply(7805 works if you heat sink it). The springs keep it taunt and electrically conductive to the connecting wires, and stays cool on the C bracket. Its a good temperature as it cuts fast, but not smoking bad and producing a nice clean cut. I made the depth of the C brace for the cutter 5 inches deep, but need to make it 6 or more as my Y slide can move more than 5 inches….” (read more)


Thomas Sørensen shared: “So I decided to try and make a miniature model of the hunter special infected from Left4Dead2. This is the process from 3D printer to finished figure. This is has been achieved on a cheap hobby 3D printer and the quality would’ve been a lot better if it had been printed on an industrial-quality 3D printer, but overall I’m fairly happy with the result :)” (read more)


Cathal Lindsay shared: “Generative art using processing. Still learning coding but this is my latest stuff using processing.” (read more)


Link Zero: “Got realistic piano synthesis working on atmega. 26 lines of code. ;-)” (read more)


Zviad Sulaberidze shared his latest 3D printed robot progress: “Bring me my limo – he says :-)” (read more)


Daniel Would shared: “This evening I got some parts of the nerf stockade sprayed with the black base coat. Other parts I’m still sanding off logos and cutting back the shiny plastic. Just trying to make a little bit of progress each evening.” (read more)


Heather Solvers shared: “WIP: beginning on robot groom” (read more)


Bruce Lowther shared: “Look what I found trapped inside an old security camera! It looks like either a 360 degree laser pointer cat toy or a solar cell positioning device…” (read more)


Stephen Baird shared: “After five (six?) years of sitting in various stages of incompleteness, my Thingamakit is FINALLY complete and making fantastically annoying noises and flashes. This thing was an awesome Christmas present! …half a decade or more ago.” (read more)


Edmilson Luiz dos Anjos shared: “hahaha Adafruit Cartoon!” Awesome! (read more)


Peter Bailey shared a piece about Robotic Ecosystems: “Silent Running set my inventor mind wild as a child. The film is about a series of ecosystems transplanted into space and carefully regulated by automated systems and robotics. Could a miniature world be created in an enclosed space? After experimenting by jamming weeds into jars to watch them rot and die I realized that the natural environment was more caring than I could be. Upon research I discovered that plants don’t need just water, light and soil. Many other factors exist, such as the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide, levels of temperature and humidity.” (read more)


Mike Vanderpool shared: “Hacked a 433Mhz button by adding a buzzer to it and then syncing it to my +Munro NinjaBlock NinjaBlock so that when the button is pushed I will get a text, email, and the buzzer will go off. When anyone rings my new doorbell I will know about it via sound at hom and the internet on the road. #Internetofthings . Next thing is going to have my web cam turn on, snap a photo, and email that too me as well.” (read more)


Don Smiley shared: “This is a minor thing, but perhaps it will be helpful to others. For a power supply for a DIY CNC machine that I am making, I ran into spacing problems with regular terminal blocks. It occurred to me that since the connector portion is wider than the wires, I could stagger the terminals to shorten the block.” (read more)


Davide Candiloro shared: “Just finished replacing my Macbook Pro dead battery! The “surgery” went good, and now I am left with a back to normal laptop and a battery to take apart.
Do you think the cells inside can be recycled? How would you tell bad cells from good cells? They seem a good fit for powering little projects or for making my raspberry pi portable!” (read more)

Community Projects from the Adafruit Blog

Here’s a progress report for Leland Flynn on his PiBoy Advance project! From This 8-Bit Life. (read more)


As a demonstration for what he hopes to accomplish with his project Through A Scanner, Skulpturhalle, artist Cosmo Wenman has started making good on his promise to scan, cleanup, and share notable masterworks of art and sculpture with world early — his crowdfunding project is just getting started, and he is already sharing artwork for free on Thingiverse! Check out the Colossal bust of Ramesses II, the ‘Younger Memnon’ (read more)


Check out the Hawaii Relief Map by pmoews, Thingiverse Thing 105474. He has been creating a number of these in the last few months, including the Gulf of Mexico in Relief and Earth Sea Relief Globe. (read more)

Joaquin Baldwin shared his project Rotary Phone Case for iPhone. (read more)

Moheeb Zara shared OpenSkan: Open Source Full Body 3D Scanner. (read more)


Rick Winscott shared an awesome robot wearing an Adafruit logo badge — and rigged up entirely with Adafruit electronics. We first met this robot during the #adafruit6secs Film Festival, now you can make one of your own! An Instructables tutorial from Rick Winscott. (read more)


Garth Johnson used his Eggbot to engrave greenware pottery with stunning results! (read more)


Here’s a handy DIY Crimp Tool Holder brings more mechanical advantage to your inexpensive off-the-shelf handheld crimp tool — great for short production runs and interactive artwork installs that begin to get a little bit wire happy. Or if you were to break the arms off your crimpers! (read more)

John Batty shared this wild MaKey-MaKey Monday treat with us — “what is potentially the most energetic “whack-a-to-tato”(sic) performance in a software demo put together by humans. Batty designed this great game app and shared his code, so that you, too, can create a customized “whack-a-mole” style game, populate it with your friends (enemies? vegetables?), and unleash the boundless energy of clever children upon it.” (read more)


Cubehero shared: “Happy Flag Day! June 14th is an American holiday that celebrates its flag. Usually, this isn’t a major holiday, but I thought it’d be interesting to make a flag for Flag Day. I remembered there was something called the Cicada Design Principle, that I wanted to try, and I thought I’d apply it to making non-repeating waves to a flag. The Cicada Design Principle is a way to make seamless non-repeating backgrounds (for all intents and purposes) with just a few parts and some prime numbers.” (read more)

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