“The Raspberry Pi generation”

Heartbleed Bug is making the news, but check out what they’re calling the next generation…

“Someone with a moderate level of technical skills running their own scripts – the Raspberry Pi generation – would probably be able to launch attacks successfully and gain sensitive information.”

BBCHeartbleed via Eben on Twitter.

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  1. I have collected thousands of articles pertaining to the Pi – to quote “The Raspberry Pi Generation” as malicious is slander. “The Raspberry Pi Generation” are creators not thieves. Why label the kids into such activities. They are more likely to find the exploit and fix it rather than exploit it. The “Heartbeat Generation” were unguided and non-creative. The Raspberry Pi is here to replace them not mimic them. The “Adafruit Generation” aren’t making bombs. They’re creating art, sensors, and useful technology.

    This is an opinion of Raspians. Hopefully you feel the same.

  2. Hmmm…. I enjoy playing with the Raspberry Pi (not to mention the Beagle Bone Black and various flavors of Arduinos) — does that make me a part of “The Raspberry Pi Generation”?

    FWIW, I’m roughly the middle of what is conventionally called the “Baby Boomer Generation”, and got my degree in what today would be called “Software Engineering” in 1980.

    Back when I was in college, I worked for a while at a TV station. One of the things I learned while there was that there are a lot of people in the news business who spend their time reporting on what other people are doing because they’re too STUPID to be doing anything interesting themselves. So take what they say, such as this comment about kids, with a grain of salt — preferably one too big to be carried by the average semi.

  3. Malakai – I agree, people should take the BBC to task for this. I remember when the term “hacker” was coopted by the media from something good to something bad. Note the original meaning of that term:


    Clark – “So take what they say, such as this comment about kids, with a grain of salt — preferably one too big to be carried by the average semi.” Very true, but unfortunately people will still believe it, and will only remember the bad uses of the Pi, not the good ones.

  4. Or… perhaps this is a good thing? What they’re saying is that:
    a) the Raspberry Pi is having a significant effect on the technical capability of young people;
    b) that the Raspberry Pi is getting firmly established (“generation” not “club”).

    Also note the use of “would probably be able to” meaning “they could, but we’re not saying they are”.

    I can’t see an indication that the Raspberry Pi is a negative thing here, just that it is a powerful thing.

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