Pi Controlled NeoPixel Ring #piday #raspberrypi @Raspberry_Pi

For Toffee posted this project using a trinket and a Pi to control one of our Neopixel rings.

OK, so not 100% accurate; a Pi controlled Adafruit Trinket controlled NeoPixel ring 😀

I got the idea from seeing Dave Whale’s serial based Arduino interface with the Pi. The Trinket doesn’t have serial so I had to use something else to talk to it.

Enter I²C; on the Trinket side I’m using the TinyWireS library, on the Pi side I’m calling smBus.writeList() with a list of the bytes I wish to send. You’ll notice in the video there’s an extra breakout in the circuit, this is a bi-directional level converter to allow the 5v Trinket to talk to the 3.3v Pi without releasing any magic smoke.

My aim is to implement the commands in the Neopixel library however at the moment it just calls setPixelColor with the 4 values (LED, Red, Green, Blue) provided by the Pi. I have a special case of LED==0xFF which lights all LEDs the specified colour (a concept I have pinched from David). I have included the code below in it’s current (probably hacky) state.

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