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Fast And Easy I/O For Beaglebone Hardware With PRU #BeagleBoneBlack @TXInstruments @BeagleBoardOrg


Fast and easy digital input/output and analog input for Beaglebone hardware with PRU subsystem. via beagleboard.org

Developing I/O tasks on Beaglebone (white or black) hardware isn’t really fun (effective May 2014). For digital I/O you’ve to deal with issues like

multiple source (device tree overlays and you program)
several device tree compiler versions (option [email protected])
pure documentation (spread all over the kernel source)
And also for analog input the situation isn’t better

faulty ADC kernel driver
no control over the ADC device setting
slow sampling rates
Most operations either need root privileges or a lot of configurations to get access for a normal user. Furthermore, all I/O isn’t fast due to the slow file operations.

All these pitfalls don’t realy help when you’re going to focus on your core problem: create new software.

Here’s my solution

libpruio is a driver for the AM33xx processor family. It controls the subsystems

Control Module (pinmuxing)
GPIO 0 to 3 (General Purpose Input and Output)
TSC_ADC_SS (Touch Screen Controler and Analog to Digital Convertor SubSystem)
PWMSS 0 to 2 (Pulse Width Modulation SubSystem)
in real time by software running on the PRUSS (Programable Realtime Unit SubSystem). The API is designed for easy and safe usage, but also for high speed operations. For the daily work you need not care about mystic tables with CPU ball numbers or GPIO codes. Instead specify what you see (ie. P8_11 = header P8, pin 11).

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