March 17, 2016 AT 9:21 am

The Pi Zero FAQ (Frequently asked questions)


What is the Pi Zero?
A five-dollar computer that’s about as slim and barebones as a computer can get. The Pi Zero’s designed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation – a company whose goal is getting affordable computers out to educators, kids, and the general public.

Why is it $5?
Because computers shouldn’t be a luxury item. Opening up the world of computing to more people by driving down the price and making it more accessible is the fundamental goal of the Raspberry Pi foundation. When a computer’s just five dollars, it gives schools, classrooms, families, educators – anyone really – fewer barriers and they’re more likely to dive into the world of computers which, in turn, opens up more opportunities for career growth or learning or just plain fun.

Why can’t I purchase more than one at a time?
Because everyone wants one and we want as many people as possible to get a chance to purchase them instead of all of them ending up on eBay for more $.

How do I know when they’re in stock?
Sign up on the product page to receive an email once they’re in stock, it may take awhile and we do not spam, ever. There are tens of thousands of sign ups and we try to notify people in order of when they signed up so folks actually have a chance to get a Pi Zero. There are also websites that indicate if we have stock, but they’re not always accurate.

Why are there packs sometimes with the Pi Zero even when there aren’t any Pi Zeroes in stock?
Here’s where it gets tricky: the Pi Zero really is a five dollar computer, meaning Adafruit buys the Pi Zero for five dollars too – or sometimes even more! And while we do want as many as people as possible get a chance to purchase a Pi Zero, Adafruit is a business with employees, benefits, and rent. So one solution is to bundle the Pi Zero with the necessary accessories for the many people probably have to buy them anyway. We release Pi Zeros for individual sale but the demand is so high that they sell out within minutes, that’s why we do not have them all the time. We sell single units and packs, when they’re gone, they’re gone.

What’s with the shipping cost?
Even though the computer’s five dollars, shipping it isn’t free. You can read more about our shipping policies here – but the short of it is that we don’t control how much it costs to ship an item. We do our best to get the best rates possible but no matter what, to move a product across the country, or across an ocean, or even just a few miles, it will cost money. But if you spend two hundred dollars, we’ll cover it 🙂 – In the USA (Continental USA, UPS GROUND, FREE for orders over $200). Please keep in mind depending on the location we may not have a shipping option or service available.

Why are there delays on shipping the Pi Zero?
They’re very, very popular and we don’t want our team to be overwhelmed.

Are there any other places I can get a Pi Zero besides Adafruit?

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  1. I am trying to purchase a Pi Zero sent to my son in California for him to bring to me in Costa Rica as shipping direct to me is a sad affair, most of the time small things are lost. He will be coming the 12th of April so getting a Zero now is fast becoming a lost cause. I do understand your supply situation but I just wanted you to understand what some folks have to deal with as well.

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