RGB LED Interactive Instalation

freed script shared this project on Youtube

This is basically just a way of removing LED wall / Camera Feedback noise.

an led is blinked near the camera so as to allow a simple read per scan line. each scan line of the camera can be identified as being “led on” or “led off”. By blinking the led in sync with the LED wall the scan lines contaminated by the LED wall lights can be removed.

This set up simply uses opencv to read rectangular sections, find the changing pixels, extract their color, and serial send it over to the arduino. The arduino changes the color of each LED strip accordingly, fading between commands.

Software still needs some tweaking, but i plan to work on more effects so i am not 100% sure on the settings and magic numbers I wanna use yet.

LED PWM is annoying. not linear. My LED colors are still off.

Really wanna get a better camera so I can increase frequency. The LED wall flickers in a camera.. in real life its just barely solid. can’t see any flicker.. but can kinda “feel it”.

Simply using different camera position and mapped regions allows for different styles of interaction.

Would work great in a bar/club I think. I find it works best for dancing if the camera is facing the user. so in this setup its best if you face the wall and dance. In a real world setup probably want to move the camera forward and turn it around.. that way you can dance in front of the screen facing outwards.. would make a nice dynamic backdrop behind a dancer.

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  1. You should look into Micah Scott’s PWM libraries. She’s been working on fast/accurate color over PWM for years: http://scanlime.org/

    Even if you still want to make your own, hers are the best reference material out there.

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