This is, essentially, two mono audio breakout boards on one FeatherWing. With this board, any of these functions (and sometimes more than one at the same time) can be either turned into or integrated into a Feather project:

  • Voice changer (for cosplay, primarily; fit the device inside a helmet, or in your pocket!)
  • Voice amplifier for teachers and other small-room speakers, or those with certain medical conditions that result in an unusually quiet voice
  • Two-way communicator (over wires, or whatever wireless protocol you deem best — LoRa, XBee, Bluetooth, etc.)
  • Smart speaker (or interface with an existing smart speaker system)
  • Hearing aid (probably with some extra features that can’t be found in commercial hearing aids, since those can fit inside your ear)
  • Boom mike operator’s sound unit (in a film/TV setting)
  • Parabolic microphone
  • Myriad things I haven’t thought of yet!